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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS).

CPN is a hybrid journal. It has both popular and peer reviewed scientific articles. The ICPS makes all scientific and taxonomic articles and cultivar descriptions open access from the date of publication.

Issues from 2015-2019 | Volume 44-48


Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 2019 Issue 48:4

  • Kenny Coogan: ICPS Education Director (PDF)
  • An introduction to the San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society — Gerhart Haupt (PDF)
  • Dionaea traps selectively allow small animals to escape — Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer and Stephen E. Williams (Abstract | PDF)
  • Quinone patterns and identification of Japanese Spider Leg Sundews (Drosera Sect. Arachnopus) — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera in the western USA — an update — Barry A. Rice (PDF)
  • Ode to the Sundew — Joyce Ferguson (PDF)
  • Stop sharing information, Dammit! You’re not helping! — Barry Rice (PDF)
  • Grow Venus flytraps indoors — John Brittnacher (PDF)
  • Quest for the origin of Heliamphora heterodoxa. Report of May 2018 expedition to Venezuela with carnivorous flora occurrences in the base areas of Ptari-tepui — Mateusz Wrazidlo (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Juan Moscoso and Julien Müller and Paolo Mattevi (PDF)



Contents of the September 2019 Issue 48:3

  • ICPS Conference 2020 — Koji Kondo (PDF)
  • In memory of a mentor — Don Schnell (1936—2019) — Barry Rice (PDF)
  • Hybrids of world populations of Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Yoshiaki Katagiri (Abstract | PDF)
  • Chemistry and surface micromorphology of the Queensland sundews (Drosera section Prolifera) — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Book review: Casper, S. Jost. 2019. The Insectivorous Genus Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) in the Greater Antilles — Yoannis Domínguez (PDF)
  • The Pinguicula benedicta “puzzle” resolved — Jan Schlauer (Abstract | PDF)
  • The portrait of Pinguicula involuta Ruiz & Pavon in the “Flora Peruviana”: A botanic detective story — S. Jost Casper and Frank Hellwig (Abstract | PDF)
  • Growing Drosera murfetii — Mark S. Anderson (PDF)
  • The Venus flytrap: how commercial nurserymen and plant conservationists might co-operate to preserve wild populations and avoid a federal listing as endangered — Thomas Gibson and Don Waller (PDF)
  • The Florida flytrap mystery is solved — Jim Miller (Abstract | PDF)
  • Green Anole drinking nectar from Sarracenia alata — John Brueggen (PDF)
  • A note on Drosera seed dispersal — Jason Ksepka (Abstract | PDF)
  • A fascinating realm — Chris Kim (PDF)
  • From nature to sculpture: an artist’s journey — Pamela Tripp (PDF)
  • Review of recent taxonomic literature — Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 2019 Issue 48:2

  • ICPS Board update — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • Field observations of Byblis in Australia — Thilo Krueger (Abstract | PDF)
  • Evidence of motile traps in Byblis — Gregory Allan (Abstract | PDF)
  • Nocturnal and diurnal digestive responses in Byblis gigantea, Drosophyllum lusitanicum, and Roridula gorgonias — Gregory Allan (Abstract | PDF)
  • Observations and tests on cultivated tropical Byblis — Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Byblis in cultivation in the tropics and in temperate climates — Gregory Allan and Cindy Chiang (PDF)
  • Perennial Byblis indoor cultivation — Anthony (Paul) Bell (PDF)
  • An amateur's experiences with Byblis germination — Hawken Carlton (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Drew Martinez and Bily Guillaume and Thibault Barin (PDF)
  • Names of carnivorous plant cultivars registered in 2018 — Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the March 2019 Issue 48:1

  • Sarracenia jonesii f. viridescens: A new combination in Sarraceniaceae — Barry Rice (Abstract | PDF)
  • New sundew quinone and emergence data — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer and Holger Hennern and Anja Hennern (Abstract | PDF)
  • Quinones from 'Gondwanan' sundews — Jan Schlauer and Thomas Carow and Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • Jim Bockowski (1943-2018) — Jay Lechtman (PDF)
  • Pitchers for the public! The Meadowview story (Part 1) — Phil Sheridan (PDF)
  • Growing a magnificent sundew: Germination and cultivation of Drosera magnifica from seed — Christian Dietz and Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael — Jim Miller (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Luca Gambini and Guillaume Bily and Jason Ksepka and Josh Lynch (PDF)



Contents of the December 2018 Issue 47:4

  • Erratum — Andreas Fleischmann and Fernando Rivadavia and Paulo M. Gonella (PDF)
  • ICPS Conference 2018, Santa Rosa, California — Patrick Quinn and Mark S. Anderson and Maggie Chen and John Christmann and Rebecca Robinson and Carson Trexler and Noah Yawn (PDF)
  • The 2018 ICPS Grand Expedition in California and Oregon — Barry A. Rice (PDF)
  • Adrian Slack (1933-2018) — Nigel Hewitt-Cooper and Paul Gardner and Paul Temple and Dennis Balsdon (PDF)
  • The long overdue recognition of Sarracenia rubra subsp. viatorum — Barry A. Rice (Abstract | PDF)
  • Contribution to knowledge of Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack' genetic background — Miroslav Srba (Abstract | PDF)
  • Possible pollinators for two Japanese Pinguicula species — Hiro Shimai (Abstract | PDF)
  • Sand wick for Cephalotus — David Colbourn (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Chris Rawlings and Andrea Amici and Miroslav Srba and Michael King (PDF)



Contents of the September 2018 Issue 47:3

  • Drosera filiformis, D. tracyi, and their hybrids: a photo essay — John Brittnacher (Abstract | PDF)
  • In search of Andean Pinguicula — Danel Josu Aranoa (PDF)
  • Finding Drosera condor on the Peru/Ecuador Border — Fernando Rivadavia (Abstract | PDF)
  • Hunting and killing plants for science — Barry A. Rice (PDF)
  • My experiences over-winter with Pinguicula planifolia — Jim Miller (PDF)
  • On the cultivation of Drosera magnifica Rivadavia & Gonella, the Facebook Sundew — Nigel Hewitt-Cooper (PDF)
  • Propagation of Drosera magnifica Rivadavia & Gonella in vitro — Manuel Reimansteiner (PDF)
  • In vitro culture of Drosera magnifica — Lukas Hausherr (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Stefano Lascialfari and Christina Toole and Mike Wang and Andrea Amici (PDF)
  • Farewell to Adrian Slack — Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the June 2018 Issue 47:2

  • Additional taxonomic features of Pinguicula chilensis — Aymeric Roccia (Abstract | PDF)
  • An account of Nepenthes ampullaria Jack — Richard Nunn (Abstract | PDF)
  • An informal population report and observation of phenotypic variance and habitat of the Alabama Canebrake Pitcher Plant Sarracenia alabamensis Case & R.B. Case subsp. alabamensis (Sarraceniaceae) — Noah D. Yawn (Abstract | PDF)
  • Germination rate and longevity of seeds of Aldrovanda vesiculosa and Utricularia vulgaris — Lubomir Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Big Lagoon Bog — Bob Ziemer (PDF)
  • Those plants won't grow in your climate — James Bowen (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Mark Rubnitz and Klaus Ivanez and Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu (PDF)
  • Names of carnivorous plant cultivars registered in 2017; Nomenclatural novelties (sensu ICN) published in Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (2017) (PDF)
  • 12th ICPS Conference (PDF)



Contents of the March 2018 Issue 47:1

  • A new sectional name for the Brazilian tetraploid clade of Drosera subgenus Drosera — Andreas Fleischmann and Paulo Minatel Gonella and Fernando Rivadavia (Abstract | PDF)
  • Sundew chemistry and emergence updates — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer and Holger Hennern and Anja Hennern (Abstract | PDF)
  • What's new in the world of carnivorous plants - Summary of two symposia held in July 2017 — Simon Poppinga and Firman Alamsyah, and Ulrike Bauer and Andreas Fleischmann and Martin Horstmann and Saskia Klink and Sebastian Kruppert and Qianshi Lin and Ulrike Müller and Amanda Northrop and Bartosz J. PÅ‚achno and Anneke Prins and Mathias Scharm (PDF)
  • Propagation of some tuberous Drosera by leaf cutting — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • The use of the right words: why carnitropism is inaccurate for carnivorous plants. Suggestion to reject the term “carnitropism” — Aurélien Bour (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Paul Young and Steve Sullivan and Carson Trexler (PDF)
  • Register now for the ICPS field trip (7-11 August 2018) — Damon Collingsworth (PDF)



Contents of the December 2017 Issue 46:4

  • 12th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference — Damon Collingsworth (PDF)
  • Revision of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) in Chile and Argentina — Oliver Gluch (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera huegelii Endl. var. phillmanniana from the Stirling Range, south western Australia — Yves-Andre Utz and Robert Gibson (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera hybrida, the next generation — John Brittnacher (Abstract | PDF)
  • I'm not dead yet, re-finding Drosera x hybrida in the wild — Jason Ksepka (Abstract | PDF)
  • The correct name for Drosera intermedia x D. rotundifolia — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Erratum: Field notes from Andalucía, Spain - revisited — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Sebastien Bonnet and Butch Tincher and Jennifer Lei and Richard Nunn (PDF)



Contents of the September 2017 Issue 46:3

  • International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) Treasurer (PDF)
  • An account of Drosera section Prolifera — Richard Nunn and Greg Bourke (Abstract | PDF)
  • Quantification of growth benefit of carnivorous plants from prey — Lubomír Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants exhibit a unique tropism — Armando Simón (PDF)
  • New cultivars — John Hummer and Phil Faulisi and Hawken Carlton and John Brittnacher (PDF)



Contents of the June 2017 Issue 46:2

  • Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society — Kevin Zhang (PDF)
  • Prey capture by Dionaea muscipula A review of scientific literature with supplementary original research — Stephen E. Williams and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Nepenthes robcantleyi: A natural hybrid — Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez (Abstract | PDF)
  • Observations of new Roridula symbiotes — Frank Obregon (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Christopher Crow and Olivier Bres and Andrea Amici and Fred Passkiewicz and Yi Chen and Alexander Fisch and Lucien Blacher (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2016 (PDF)



Contents of the March 2017 Issue 46:1

  • ICPS Conference 2018 -- Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • The correct name for Drosera longiscapa and the mystery of D. madagascariensis from South Africa — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • The impact of soil type on Pygmy Drosera distribution — Richard Nunn and Hans Lambers (Abstract | PDF)
  • Unexpected discovery of 7-Methyljuglone (Ramentaceone) in several Australian sundews — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Many triggerplants (Stylidium spp.; Stylidiaceae) form arbuscular mycorrhizal associations — Stephen P. Moberly and Maxine Watson and Douglas W. Darnowski (Abstract | PDF)
  • Further evidence of carnivory in triggerplants (Stylidium spp.; Stylidiaceae) — Douglas W. Darnowski (Abstract | PDF)
  • Growing 20,000 Sarracenia seedlings — Chris McCarthy and Richard Wuydts (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Olivier Bres and Ries van Ool and Phil Faulisi and Michael Aronesty and Julien Müller (PDF)



Contents of the December 2016 Issue 45:4

  • Nepenthes nebularum, a new species from Mindanao, Philippines — Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez (Abstract | PDF)
  • The search for all of the victims and all of the killers — Douglas W. Darnowski (Abstract | PDF)
  • Surviving wild Papua — Arthur Yin (PDF)
  • A carnivorous plant lover remembered — Laura Del Col Brown (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Francois Boulianne and Miroslav Srba and Miloslav Studnicka and Oliver Gluch (PDF)
  • The ICPS conference 2016 — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)



Contents of the September 2016 Issue 45:3

  • Introducing Alex Eilts — Alex Eilts (PDF)
  • Pinguicula flowers with pollen imitations close at night ' some observations on butterwort flower biology — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • An account of the Nepenthes species of Vietnam — Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera pauciflora ' the queen of the sundews — Robert Gibson (Abstract | PDF)
  • Deep in the web, up in the hills: the discovery of Drosera magnifica, the 'Facebook sundew' — Paulo Minatel Gonella (Abstract | PDF)
  • A tribute to David Crump (1953-2016) — Larry Mellichamp (PDF)
  • Book review: The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • Book review: Carnivorous Plants: Gardening with Extraordinary Botanicals — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Hawken Carlton and Alexandre Letertre and Phil Faulisi and Larry Mellichamp (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2015 (PDF)
  • Erratum Correction of the reference to the basionym Pinguicula longifolia Ram. ex DC. subsp. caussensis Casper — Aymeric Roccia (PDF)



Contents of the June 2016 Issue 45:2

  • A preliminary survey of the taxonomic composition of contents of Nepenthes smilesii Hemsl. pitchers in Bi Doup ' Nui Ba National Park (South Vietnam) — Anna N. Demidova and Gregory S. Eremkin and Evgeny O. Shcherbakov and Vladimir A. Zryanin and Nikolay G. Prilepsky (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Jerry Addington and Hawken Carlton and Erio Piacenti and Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Pinguicula ramosa Miyoshi ' a botanical review — Hiro Shimai (Abstract | PDF)
  • Water propagation of the Venus flytrap — Bryn Jones (PDF)
  • Propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings — Mark S. Anderson (PDF)



Contents of the March 2016 Issue 45:1

  • Erratum — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • 11th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference 2016 — Tim Bailey (PDF)
  • The IUCN Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Sir David Attenborough's introduction letter for the CPSG website — David Attenborough (PDF)
  • In memory of Steven David Rose — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Niche partitioning in sympatric Sarracenia species at Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Baldwin County, Alabama — Jacquelyn S. Howell and Ashley B. Morris (Abstract | PDF)
  • Olfactory prey attraction in Drosera? — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • An equation for determining percentage of herbivory on Pinguicula moranensis ' A correction — Michael Baldwin and Robert Baldwin (Abstract | PDF)
  • Field trip report: Hybrids at Old Dock Preserve, North Carolina — Mason McNair (PDF)
  • Growing high elevation tropicals: Building a chamber to accommodate cool growing tropicals, alpines, and species requiring cold dormancy — Andrew Norris (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Greg Bourke and Eric Morrow (PDF)



Contents of the December 2015 Issue 44:4

  • Several pygmy Sundew species possess catapult-flypaper traps with repetitive function, indicating a possible evolutionary change into aquatic snap traps similar to Aldrovanda — Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Soil pH values at sites of terrestrial carnivorous plants in south-west Europe — Lubomír Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Is long-term survival of dried turions of aquatic carnivorous plants possible? — Lubomír Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Hypothesis of mucilage-assisted dispersal of Drosera seeds — Robert Gibson (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature review: Drosera × eloisiana, not D. × belezeana — John Brittnacher (PDF)
  • Photoperiod regulates Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis) gland secretion and leaf development — Wang Dong-Hui and Wang Dong-Qi and Cui Yi-Wei and Yang Lu and Gu Xiao-Di and Song Wen-Fei and Li Feng (Abstract | PDF)
  • Second brief piece of information about the species status of Utricularia cornigera Studnicka — Miloslav Studnicka (Abstract | PDF)
  • How hungry are carnivorous plants? An investigation into the nutrition of carnivorous plant taxa from the Kimberley region of Western Australia — Laura Skates and Adam Cross (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Schram and Alexandre Letertre and Axel Bostrom (PDF)



Contents of the September 2015 Issue 44:3

  • Biology of the trapless rheophytic Utricularia neottioides: Is it possible to grow this specialized species in cultivation? — Lubomír Adamec and Andreas Fleischmann and Kamil Pásek (Abstract | PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the rare natural hybrid Sarracenia ×casei Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (Abstract | PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the uncommon natural hybrid Sarracenia ×naczii Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (Abstract | PDF)
  • Accurate labeling of Australian Drosera in cultivation — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • The 241 species that appeared in Allen Lowrie’s Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Field notes from Andalucía, Spain — Jan Schlauer (Abstract | PDF)
  • Ark of Life reloaded — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Daniele Righetti and John Hummer and Arthur Sanguet (PDF)
  • Literature Review: Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus - Volumes One, Two, Three — Fernando Rivadavia (PDF)
  • Erratum: Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — . (PDF)



Contents of the June 2015 Issue 44:2

  • CPN editors (PDF)
  • Do bears disperse Darlingtonia? — Damon Collingsworth (Abstract | PDF)
  • The intricate Pinguicula crystallina/hirtiflora-complex — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • Prey capture patterns in Nepenthes species and natural hybrids — are the pitchers of hybrids as effective at trapping prey as those of their parents? — Heon Sui Peng and Charles Clarke (Abstract | PDF)
  • Germinating Nepenthes seed: Putting myths to rest — Mason McNair and Jeremiah Harris (Abstract | PDF)
  • Resolution of the relationships within the North American pitcher plant genus, Sarracenia — Jessica Stephens (Abstract | PDF)
  • Cultivation of Australian aquatic insectivorous plants — Brandan Espe (PDF)
  • Giant Cephalotus of unknown origins — Dick Chan (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Tobias Sicking (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Grex names published by the International Nepenthes Grex Registry (PDF)



Contents of the March 2015 Issue 44:1

  • An updated taxonomic treatment of the natural hybrids of Sarracenia L. (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • 11th ICPS Conference 2016 - Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Taxonomic Utricularia news — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera x Dork's Pink a man-made pygmy Drosera hybrid between Drosera lasiantha and Drosera callistos — John Hancock and Allen Lowrie (Abstract | PDF)
  • The 10th ICPS Conference 2014, Cairns, Australia — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Field tripping with the ICPS a visit to far northern Queensland — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Dalmais and Guillem Gutierrez and John M. Kotleba and Robert Co and Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)



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