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Nepenthes nebularum, a new species from Mindanao, Philippines

Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 45(4):132-139
Published 17 November 2016

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The discovery of Nepenthes nebularum sp. nov. is here reported and thereby described as a new addition to the Philippine Nepenthes flora. This new species is closely related to both N. truncata and N. robcantleyi, differing mainly in the smaller stature of the plants, the more pronounced peristome teeth, and the bronzy, rather dense, and woolly indumentum found on the petiole wings, tendrils and traps. Further distinguishing traits are discussed in the description proper. With the description of this new species, the number of Nepenthes species in the archipelago now stands at over 53.

Keywords: Nepenthes nebularum, robcantleyi, truncata; south-eastern Mindanao, Philippines

Article Citation

Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez. 2016. Nepenthes nebularum, a new species from Mindanao, Philippines. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 45(4):132-139.

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