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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS).

CPN is a hybrid journal. It has both popular and peer reviewed scientific articles. The ICPS makes all scientific and taxonomic articles and cultivar descriptions open access from the date of publication.

Issues from 1995-1999 | Volume 24-28


Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 1999 Issue 28:4

  • Drosera anglica Huds. vs. drosera x anglica: What is the difference? — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • The savage garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Drosera meristocaulis — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Neblina expedition — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants hit the big time! — Lyons, Shawn (PDF)
  • Judith Finn on growing Pinguicula laueana — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • The biology and cultivation of red australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • An economical carbon dioxide generator — Camilleri, Tony (PDF)



Contents of the September 1999 Issue 28:3

  • Drosera arcturi in Tasmania and a comparison with Drosera regia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Drosera x corinthiaca (Droseraceae), a newly recognized natural hybrid from the Cape Province,South Africa — Gibson, Robert and Eric Green (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants of the Northwest Territories — Teichreb, Chris (PDF)
  • Pinguicula vulgaris in Iceland — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Fly Fishing — Crump, David (PDF)
  • new cultivar Dionaea 'Red Piranha' — Read, Edward (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 1999 Issue 28:2

  • Testing the appetites of Ibicella and Drosophyllum — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Comments from an icps correspondent: 'Nelipu' of Van Rheede — Janarthanam, M.K. (PDF)
  • On cultivating Ibicella lutea (Martyniaceae) — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Testing for carnivory in Ibicella lutea — Wallace, Jon and Kim McGhee and The rest of Jon's Biology class (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plants of New South Wales, Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Don Schnell (PDF)



Contents of the March 1999 Issue 28:1

  • A carnivorous plant on an Irish postage stamp: David Moore and Sarracenia hybrids at Glasnevin botanic gardens — Nelson, E. Charles (PDF)
  • Cultivation of Triphyophyllum peltatum (Dioncophyllaceae), the part-time carnivorous plant — Bringmann, Gerhard and Jan Schlauer and Kristina Wolf and Heiko Rischer and Uwe Buschbom and Andreas Kreiner and Friedrich Thiele and Martin Duschek and Laurent Ake Assi (PDF)
  • Notes on Nepenthes from Northern Sumatra — Salmon, Bruce and Ricky Maulder (PDF)
  • Turion overwintering of aquatic carnivorous plants — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Nepenthes mollis (Nepenthaceae) -- rediscovered? — Salmon, Bruce (PDF)
  • Observations on Cephalotus in the wild — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the December 1998 Issue 27:4

  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A digression upon James Taplin, Nepenthes hybridizer (Nepenthaceae) — DeFilipps, Robert A. (PDF)
  • Carnivory in Byblis revisited II: the phenomenon of symbiosis on insect trapping plants — Hartmeyer, Siegfried (PDF)
  • Sarracenia flava L. varieties — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Pinguicula emarginata -- a variable and distinctive Mexican species — Wix, Loyd (PDF)
  • Red letter days of a Pennsylvania botanist — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the September 1998 Issue 27:3

  • Rediscovery of an outstanding Nepenthes: N. aristolochioides — Nerz, Joachim (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden: Seasonal carnivores for the bog garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants near Mt. Lesueur, Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Anthocyanin — Sullivan, Jack (PDF)
  • A noteworthy Florida find: Drosera filiformis var. tracyi (Droseraceae) — Hummer, John H. (PDF)
  • Observations on a selection of Tasmanian carnivorous plants — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 1998 Issue 27:2

  • Savage Garden: highs, lows, and media — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • New cultivars of Sarracenia from North Carolina: Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace' and 'Ladies-in-Waiting' — Mellichamp, Larry and Rob Gardner (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia californica 'Othello' — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Enticing Drosera hamiltonii to flower — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Growing Carnivorous plants in Italy — Catalano, Marcello (PDF)
  • Some uses and applications of location information — Sacilotto, Rob (PDF)
  • Two carnivorous plant lakes in Washington state — Marshall, Andrew (PDF)
  • The carnivorous flora of Gunung Bandahara — Harwood, Paul and Heiko Rischer and Andreas Wistuba (PDF)



Contents of the March 1998 Issue 27:1

  • The Savage Garden: 'Feeding your plants' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A trip to the Philippines — Mann, Phill (PDF)
  • History of discovery: yellow flowered Sarracenia purpurea L. subsp. venosa (Raf.) wherry var. burkii — Hanrahan, Bob and Jim Miller (PDF)
  • Nepenthes sibuyanensis, a new Nepenthes from Sibuyan, a remote island of the Philippines — Nerz, Joachim and Thomas Alt and Phill Mann and Trend Smith (PDF)
  • Announcing a test and trial phase for the registration of new plant names (1998-1999) — Borgen, L. and W. Greuter and D.L. Hawksworth and D.H. Nicolson and B. Zimmer (PDF)
  • The correct naming of carnivorous plants: ICBN, ICNCP, and the roles of CPN and ICPS — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the December 1997 Issue 26:4

  • In search of Utricularia pobeguinii: a field trip in Guinea, Western Africa — Zevenbergen, Martin J. (PDF)
  • Growing Drosera chrysolepis — Ter-Hovanessian, Arthur and Ivan Snyder (PDF)
  • Reflections and suggestions from 1996 — Graham, Donald L. (PDF)
  • An anthocyanin-free variant of Darlingtonia californica: Newly discovered and already imperilled — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • The 1997 Conference of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the September 1997 Issue 26:3

  • Aldrovanda vesiculosa: Description, Ecology, and Cultivation — Breckpot, Christian (PDF)
  • Aldrovanda from northern Ukraine — Rakov, Viktor (PDF)
  • How to grow Aldrovanda vesiculosa outdoors — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Conservation of endangered Aldrovanda vesiculosa by tissue culture — Kondo, Katsuhiko and Goro Kokubugata and Sindhu Balu Varghese and Miyoko Itoyama and Christian Breckpot and Krystyna Kromer and Ryszard Kaminski (PDF)
  • Fossil Aldrovanda — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • Fossil Aldrovanda -- Additions — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Flowering of Aldrovanda vesiculosa in outside culture in the Czech Republic and isozyme variability of its european populations — Adamec, Lubomir and Martin Tichy (PDF)
  • Abstract -- Photosynthetic characteristics of the aquatic carnivorous plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)



Contents of the June 1997 Issue 26:2

  • 'New' data relating to the evolution and phylogeny of some carnivorous plant families — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Carnivory of Byblis revisited - A simple method for enzyme testing on carnivorous plants — Hartmeyer, Siegfried (PDF)
  • Nepenthes macfarlanei: Prey found in ground pitchers — Schmid-Hollinger, Rudolf (PDF)
  • Genetics of Sarracenia leaf and flower color — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)



Contents of the March 1997 Issue 26:1

  • Another Nice Trip to Sumatra — Clarke, Charles (PDF)
  • Two New Nepenthes Cultivars (Nepenthaceae) — Mann, Phill and Mark Stuart (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden Windowsill Growing — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The Pool of Forgotten Warriors — Finley, Willie (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schnell, Don and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the December 1996 Issue 25:4

  • The savage garden: The potted terrarium — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Nepenthes lavicola, a new species of Nepenthaceae from the Aceh province in the north of Sumatra — Wistuba, Andreas and Heiko Rischer (PDF)
  • Two interesting Mexicans: Pinguicula acuminata and Pinguicula macrophylla — Wix, Loyd (PDF)
  • How to grow Darlingtonia californica — Fantus, Michael (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia seeds — Lagoteta, Larry (PDF)
  • Followup on tuberous Drosera propagation — Pierson, Bruce (PDF)
  • CLODS, collectors and pseudo-environmentalists — Meyers-Rice, Barry Allen (PDF)
  • The use of tannic teas in carnivorous plant culture — Sacilotto, Rob (PDF)
  • The experimental growth trial for Royal Red VFT — Clarke, Charles (PDF)
  • Cultivating CPs has many surprises — Jellson, Alan S. (PDF)
  • Is the most beautiful Drosera in the world Brazilian? — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1996 Issue 25:3

  • The savage garden: Mini-bogs — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A dichotomous key to the genus Drosera L. (Droseraceae) — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • The saga of Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red' — Clayton, Colin H. (PDF)
  • An addition to Adrian Slack's comment on Nepenthes burbidgeae (Improbable) cuttings — Marthaler, Olivier (PDF)
  • Drosera — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the June 1996 Issue 25:2

  • The savage garden: Cape sundews — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The hooded pitcher plant, Sarracenia minor Walt., at its southern limit — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • Nepenthes of Gunung Murud — De Witte, John (PDF)
  • Utricularia neottioides — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • A new cultivar of Dionaea muscipula Ellis — Gagliardo, Ron (PDF)
  • Drosera graminifolia — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the March 1996 Issue 25:1

  • The savage garden: Swelling the brains of children — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Growth of carnivorous plants on an acidified fen soil — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Thoughts, reflections, and upper Nepenthes ampullaria pitcher — Wong, David (PDF)
  • Several ecophysiological observations in Genlisea — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • Noteworthy Sarracenia collections II — Sheridan, Phil and Bill Scholl (PDF)
  • Rediscovery of a very 'rare' Utricularia in Brazil — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Drosera sessilifolia — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the December 1995 Issue 24:4

  • The savage garden: 'How to torture a carnivorous plant' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A visit to Kinabalu Park — Malouf, Perry (PDF)
  • Tips I have found useful in growing Sarracenia plants — Cumbee, Joe (PDF)
  • Rooting Nepenthes in water — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Letters from the Czech Republic, Part IV: — Zacek, Zdenek (PDF)
  • The embrace of the sundew — Finley, Willie (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1995 Issue 24:3

  • The savage garden: 'It came from Holyweird' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A visit to Kinabalu Park — Malouf, Perry (PDF)
  • Focussing on international CP conservation and research: The carnivorous plant specialist group — Groves, Madeleine and Rosemary Simpson (PDF)
  • Drosera praefolia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Observations on the Nepenthes species of Irian Jaya, Part I: Nepenthes insignis Danser — Rischer, Heiko (PDF)
  • Two new species of Nepenthes from north Sumatra, Indonesia — Salmon, Bruce R. and Ricky G. Maulder (PDF)
  • A guide to ESA and CITES — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)
  • Utricularia asplundii and Utricularia endresii — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)



Contents of the June 1995 Issue 24:2

  • The savage garden: 'Imprinted' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The truth about carnivorous plants is hard to find — Hanley, Thomas W. (PDF)
  • Heliamphora: The nature of its nurture — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Oxygen budget in the traps of Utricularia australis — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Sarracenia flava varieties: Do we know what we are talking about? — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Photosynthetic inorganic carbon use by aquatic carnivorous plants — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the March 1995 Issue 24:1

  • My experiences growing Byblis gigantea from seed — Cochran, Brian (PDF)
  • Growing CP in the Czech Republic III: Pinguicula rotundifolia — Zacek, Zdenek (PDF)
  • Drosera filiformis Raf.: One species or two? — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Pollination of Heliamphoras — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • A Venus Flytrap Flipbook — Szesze, Michael (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



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