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An account of Nepenthes ampullaria Jack

Richard Nunn

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 47(2):47-53
Published 10 May 2018

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One of the most iconic and unique species of Nepenthes, N. ampullaria is widespread being found throughout South East Asia. As a young child enthusiastically reading everything available on Carnivorous Plants, the author recalls the amazement at seeing the clusters of tub shaped pitchers on the floor of the Bornean jungle, in a 1960s National Geographic. Many years later this amazement had not diminished on the first sight of this species in the field, just outside of Kuching, in Sarawak. Few fail to be impressed with N. ampullaria in cultivation or in the field and Lloyd's (1942) translation of Troll's (1932) first encounter with this species, sums up well how most feel when first confronted with N. ampullaria.

Keywords: Nepenthes ampullaria

Article Citation

Richard Nunn. 2018. An account of Nepenthes ampullaria Jack. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 47(2):47-53.

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