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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS).

CPN is a hybrid journal. It has both popular and peer reviewed scientific articles. The ICPS makes all scientific and taxonomic articles and cultivar descriptions open access from the date of publication.

Issues from 2020-2021 | Volume 49-50


Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the September 2021 Issue 50:3

  • Surviving the pandemic — Alison Carrington-Tardif
  • World Carnivorous Plant Day: A World-wide success — Carson Trexler and Kenny Coogan (PDF)
  • World Carnivorous Plant Day photo contest — Kenny Coogan (PDF)
  • Frequency of trap closure and capture of prey by Dionaea muscipula in the field — Stephen E. Williams and Bill Scholl (Abstract | PDF)
  • Naphthoquinones in Pygmy Sundews (Drosera sect. Bryastrum) — Jan Schlauer and Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala — Richard Nunn and Allen Lowrie
  • Carnivorous plants of Australia’s Top End — Boaz Ng
  • Waukauyengtipu and Uchii River Uplands Expedition 2019 – report with photographic observations of carnivorous flora of the Paruima territory in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region of Guyana — Mateusz Wrazidlo (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Dr. Panut Oprasertsawat and Stefano C. Sciutto and Greg Bourke and (Abstract | PDF)
  • A new taxonomic rank for Drosera pedicellaris (Droseraceae) — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Names of carnivorous plant cultivars registered in 2020 — Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 2021 Issue 50:2

  • Splash-cups, springboards, and sink or swim – Preliminary study of the strategies for vegetative propagule dispersal in Pygmy Drosera — Greg Bourke (Abstract | PDF)
  • Online Guide to the Pygmy Drosera (PDF)
  • Can Venus flytraps be triggered to close by raindrops? — Stephen E. Williams and Bill Scholl (Abstract | PDF)
  • Using a trail camera for recording plant-insect interactions with Venus flytrap as an example — Stephen E. Williams and Bill Scholl
  • On Dipsacus and Drosera: Francis Darwin’s favorite carnivores — John R. Schaefer
  • Re-discovering Utricularia platensis Speg. in Argentina — Danel Aranoa
  • A new technique for the cultivation of Cephalotus follicularis — Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu
  • New Cultivars — Dimitar Daskalov and Evan Wang and Craig Heath and Yabbie Yang and Milan Del Buono and Olivier Bres (Abstract | PDF)



Contents of the March 2021 Issue 50:1

  • 13th ICPS Conference - Japan: Postponed until 2022 (PDF)
  • World Carnivorous Plant Day (PDF)
  • ICPS Lifetime Achievement Award, Hall of Fame, & Wall of Honor — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • The ICPS presents the ICPS Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Larry Mellichamp — Carson Trexler (PDF)
  • On tropical Drosera rotundifolia L. — Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • Pollination of Dionaea muscipula, the Venus Flytrap — Stephen E. Williams and Bill Scholl (Abstract | PDF)
  • Sarracenia hybridisation: results of crossing complex hybrids — Steve Amoroso (PDF)
  • Hydroponic culture of Drosophyllum lusitanicum — Jeong-pil Lee (PDF)
  • Insectivore art in transit — Carolyn Braaksma and Chris Lange (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Craig Heath and Alexander Fisch and Fraser Anderson and Calen Hall and Jerry Addington and Mattia Chinaglia and Carson Trexler and Zuzana Srostlik (Abstract | PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names and patents — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Literature review — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Book review — Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the December 2020 Issue 49:4

  • From the jungle back to the drawing board … and back: An interview with François Sockhom Mey — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • On the regulation of dissolved oxygen by Nepenthes pitchers — Kadeem J. Gilbert (Abstract | PDF)
  • First observations of UV-induced fluorescence in Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) and other tepui flora. [Summary of Technical Contribution Published Online] — Michal R. Golos (PDF)
  • First observations of UV-induced fluorescence in Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) and other tepui flora — Michal R. Golos (Published Online: Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera capensis: some variation in cultivation and in the wild — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Hypothesis of tumbleweed-like dispersal of Drosera seeds — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Witanowski’s discovery - and how its early misinterpretation and subsequent neglect continue to impede scientific progress and insight — Jan Schlauer (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Teddy Vayssade and Craig Heath (Abstract | PDF)



Contents of the September 2020 Issue 49:3

  • Steve Clemesha (1942 - 2018) – the life of a plant enthusiast — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Evolution of the Cephalotus pitcher — John Brittnacher (Abstract | PDF)
  • Small Butterwort (Pinguicula pumila) in its natural habitat — John Bradford and George Rogers (Abstract | PDF)
  • Evidence for motile suction traps in Utricularia westonii from Utricularia subgenus Polypompholyx — Simon Poppinga and Marco Pezzotta and Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • Lithophytic culture of Mexican Pinguicula — Alvin Liu (Abstract | PDF)
  • Green Anoles as Sarracenia pollinators? — John Brueggen (PDF)
  • Education corner: ICPS Photo Contest — Kenny Coogan (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Steve Bunclark and Bob Ziemer and Andy Smith and Ding Weijie (Abstract | PDF)
  • Sarracenia leucophylla, illustrated — Minnelli Lucy France (PDF)



Contents of the June 2020 Issue 49:2

  • 13th ICPS Conference - Japan: postponed until 2021 — Koji Kondo (PDF)
  • Preliminary identification of the agent causing the fungal disease of Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Iveta Svobodová and Lubomír Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Pinguicula antarctica Vahl and/or Pinguicula nahuelbutensis Gluch in the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta, Chile — S. Jost Casper (Abstract | PDF)
  • True vivipary in two remarkable Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) from the Caribbean, P. lignicola and P. casabitoana — Paul Temple and Ivan Panco and Cristina M. Panfet Valdéz and Colmar A. Serra (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera filiformis Raf. forma rubriflora J.Ksepka f. nov — Jason Ksepka (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera filiformis Raf. forma viridis J.Ksepka f. nov — Jason Ksepka (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Brian Lipinski and Craig Heath and Stephen Wang and Mark Rubnitz and Miroslav Srba and Michael King and Laurent Taerwe and Ivan Bogdanov (Abstract | PDF)
  • Names of carnivorous plant cultivars registered in 2019 (Abstract | PDF)



Contents of the March 2020 Issue 49:1

  • ICPS Conference 2018 videos (PDF)
  • ICPS Conference 2020 - Update — Koji Kondo (PDF)
  • When three become two: Drosera coalara links Drosera citrina with Drosera nivea — Thilo Alexander Krueger and Andreas Fleischmann (Abstract | PDF)
  • In pursuit of Mexican Pinguicula: a journey to northwestern Oaxaca — Martín Mata-Rosas and Julián Hernández-Rendón and María Magdalena Salinas-Rodríguez (Abstract | PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants of the Western Australian granite outcrops — Boaz Ng (Abstract | PDF)
  • Growing Genlisea — Rita Corino (PDF)
  • Butterflies love Sarracenia — Robert Barr (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Alexander Fisch and Jimmy Conner (PDF)
  • Book review: Flesh-Eating Plants of Newfoundland & Labrador and the Maritime Provinces — Barry Rice (PDF)



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