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An account of the Nepenthes species of Vietnam

Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 45(3):93-101
Published 7 September 2016

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It is the goal of this paper to provide an account of the Nepenthes taxa found in Vietnam and in particular to document the occurrence of Nepenthes kampotiana and update the conservation status of Nepenthes thorelii. In October 2015, the authors conducted a field trip to Vietnam to establish without doubt the number of taxa found in Vietnam. This paper will give an account of that field trip and also discuss the botanical history, ecology, taxonomy, and conservation status of Nepenthes in Vietnam.

Keywords: Vietnam, Nepenthes thorelii, mirabilis, smilesii, kampotiana

Article Citation

Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu. 2016. An account of the Nepenthes species of Vietnam. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 45(3):93-101.

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