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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS).

CPN is a hybrid journal. It has both popular and peer reviewed scientific articles. The ICPS makes all scientific and taxonomic articles and cultivar descriptions open access from the date of publication.

Issues from 1985-1989 | Volume 14-18


Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 1989 Issue 18:4

  • The story of Tom Darling and Bear Lake — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • CP alive in the Fuqua Conservatory — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • CITES. The dream and the reality. — ymous in Australia (PDF)
  • Tepuis. The land unknown. — Gold, Jeffrey (PDF)
  • Insectivorous flora of Sequoia National Park — Engelhardt, Thomas (PDF)
  • Propagation of Utricularia by leaf cuttings — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)
  • New CP Cultivars Received in 1989: Nepenthes 'Joanne Holland' and Nepenthes mirabilis 'Greenhorn' — Robinson, James T. (PDF)
  • On the cultivation of Drosera linearis — Shomin, Richard (PDF)
  • 1989 Membership Roster — Editor
  • Literature review — Schnell, Donald (PDF)



Contents of the September 1989 Issue 18:3

  • Overwintering Dormant Carnivorous Plants — Brokenbro, Terry (PDF)
  • Special request — Szesze, Michael (PDF)
  • Australia's diminutive jewels: the pygmy sundews — Snelling, Gordon (PDF)
  • CP in 3D #2 — Tilbrooke, R. D. (PDF)
  • Drosophyllum lusitanicum, a new (and simple) method of cultivation — Mrkvicka, Alexander (PDF)
  • Sarracenia alata and S. leucophylla variations — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Herbarium samples — Lamb, Randy (PDF)
  • Early history Drosera and Drosophyllum — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • The Carnivorous Plant Society — Editor (PDF)
  • A brief history of the Carnivorous Plant Society of New South Wales, Australia — Editor (PDF)
  • Literature review — Schnell, Donald (PDF)



Contents of the June 1989 Issue 18:2

  • The great seed debate — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • New CP cultivar Nepenthes 'Ron Determann' — Robinson, James T. (PDF)
  • Drosera gigantea — Pietropaolo, J. and P. A. Pietropaolo (PDF)
  • A method for cooling — Guerra, David (PDF)
  • The Droseraceae during the glaciations — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants of Auyantepui in Venezuela. Part 2 — Butschi, Lorenz. Translation by Dorothea Huber and Klaus Ammann (PDF)
  • Take 2 — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • A final protection ruling on Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis under United States endangered species act — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Literature review — Schnell, Donald (PDF)



Contents of the March 1989 Issue 18:1

  • Sarracenia purpurea in Western Canada — Lamb, Randy (PDF)
  • CP under your microscope — Mrkvicka, Alex (PDF)
  • Propagating Drosera dilato-petiolaris — Yax, Curtis (PDF)
  • Mimicry in carnivorous pitcher plants -- fact or legend? — Joel, Daniel M. (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants of Auyantepui in Venezuela — Butschi, Lorenz. Translation by Dorothea Huber and Klaus Ammann (PDF)
  • A determination of genetic control for the thigmotropic leaf reaction in Dionaea muscipula — Rosenberg, Eric (PDF)
  • Tuberous Drosera — Powell, Charles L. II (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the December 1988 Issue 17:4

  • Some Observations of a Population of Nepenthes madagascariensis in Madagascar — James, Gary (PDF)
  • Proposed Listing of Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis as an Endangered Species Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • The Electrochemical Mechanism of Trap Closure in Dionaea muscipula (Addendum) — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • Scape and Axil Cuttings of Drosophyllum — Tilbrooke, R.D. (PDF)
  • CP Communications - Creation of a New Society Program? — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • Depth with Perspective 3D Photography — Tilbrooke, R.D. (PDF)
  • On the Cultivation of Drosera linearis — Shomin, Richard (PDF)
  • Book Review: Crum, Howard, A Focus on Peatlands and Peatmosses (1988) — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • The Evolution of Aldrovanda and Dionaea Traps — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • Book Review: Slack, Adrian, Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them (1986) — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1988 Issue 17:3

  • Carnivorous Plants in Micronesia — Ziemer, Robert R. (PDF)
  • Completion of the Fuqua Conservatory in the Atlanta Botanical Garden — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Drosera pauciflora: Queen of Sundews — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A Varying Lighting Scheme and Its Effects on Some Easily Grown CPs — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • The Electrochemical Mechanism of Trap Closure in Dionaea muscipula — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • A Further Note on Nepenthes rajah Cultivation — Gibson, Thomas C. (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the June 1988 Issue 17:2

  • Continuous Growth of Tuberous Drosera? — Tilbrooke, R.D. (PDF)
  • Cites, Traffic, USFW - Are You Caught in the Alphabet Soup? — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Changes in Regulations Effecting International Trade in Carnivorous Plants — Knees, Sabina and Cheek, Martin (PDF)
  • On the Cultivation of the South American Pitcherplant, Heliamphora neblinae. — Gibson, Thomas C. (PDF)
  • A Practical Method for Cultivation of Heliamphora spp. — Dodd, Cliff and Powell, Charles L. (PDF)
  • Assessment of Natural CP Populations by a Commercial Grower — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • A Second Record of Rats as Prey in Nepenthes rajah — Phillips, A. (PDF)
  • A Summary of WIP's Past & Future Directives — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • CPN Reader Survey Results — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Literature review — Schnell. Donald (PDF)



Contents of the March 1988 Issue 17:1

  • Propagation and Culture of Western North American Carnivorous Plants — Burdic, Douglas M. (PDF)
  • A New Drosera from the Section Arachnopus? — Studnicka, M. (PDF)
  • A Field Trip to Mendocino — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • New CP Cultivar Received in 1987 — Robinson, James T. (PDF)
  • On the Care and (Not) Feeding of D. adelae, prolifera, and schizandra — Hoelter, Roger (PDF)
  • Literature review — Schnell, Donald (PDF)



Contents of the December 1987 Issue 16:4

  • Corrections to the World Carnivorous Plant List — Schlauer, Authur Jan (PDF)
  • Nepenthes Corrections to World Carnivorous Plant List CPN, 15(3-4) — Kusakabe, Isamu (PDF)
  • Evolution in Lentibulariaceae: A Criticism of Snyder — Cheek, Martin (PDF)
  • Pale-flowered Varieties of Pinguicula grandiflora — Steiger, Jurg F. (PDF)
  • Mexican Pings — Powell, Charles L. (PDF)
  • Cultivating Utricularia reniformis — Yax, Curtis (PDF)
  • The Floating Isle of Carnivorous Plants — Risner, Jeffery K. (PDF)
  • The Mystery of the Nepenthes, or Just How Did They Get There? — Risner, Jeffery K. (PDF)
  • Comments on Sarracenia Identification Sheets — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1987 Issue 16:3

  • Victorian Nepenthes, American Style — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • Naming the Hybrids — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • Old Clone, New Hybrid — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • A Preliminary Report on Drosera intermedia x D. capillaris — Sheridan, Philip (PDF)
  • A Field Trip to New Caledonia — Jones, Peter and Wilson, Mark (PDF)
  • A Rainforest in the Basement: Nepenthes Cultivation Under Lights — Butler, David E. (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the June 1987 Issue 16:2

  • Descriptions of Sarracenia alabamensis ssp. alabamensis, S. oreophila, S. jonesii — Mellichamp, T.L. (PDF)
  • The Formation, Publication, and Registration of Cultivars — Mellichamp, T.L. (PDF)
  • New Cultivars of Sarracenia — Mellichamp, T.L. and Gardner, Rob (PDF)
  • Sarracenia Under Arc Lamps — De Franco, John (PDF)
  • The Quest for (and pilgrimage to) S. oreophila — Zielinski, James Edward (PDF)
  • Sarracenia - the Hairy Ones — Steve Clemesha (PDF)
  • Summary of: Juniper, B.E., The Path to Carnivory — Mazrimas, J.A. (PDF)



Contents of the March 1987 Issue 16:1

  • The Nature of Pigmentation in Dionaea muscipula Ellis — Shanos, Gregory T. (PDF)
  • Special Literature Report: Steyermark, J.A., 'Realignment of the Genus Heliamophora' from Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard., 77: 302-312 (1984) — Mazrimas, J.A. (PDF)
  • Bogs in Switzerland and the U.S.A. — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)
  • A Field Trip to Gasquet, California — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plant Evolution: Family Lentibulariacea — Snyder, Ivan (PDF)
  • Drosera anglica from the Alakai Swamp, Kauai, Hawaii — Mazrimas, J.A. (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the September 1986 Issue 15:3-4

  • What do the Names Mean? — Mellichamp, T.L. (PDF)
  • A World Carnivorous Plant List: Nomenclature Synopsis of Carnivorous Phanerogamous Plants — Schlauer, Authur Jan (PDF)



Contents of the June 1986 Issue 15:2

  • (Reminiscences - IV) CPN First - Part 2 — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plants in Ireland 1. Native Species — Nelson, Charles E. (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plants in Ireland 2. Sarracenia purpurea — Nelson, Charles E. (PDF)
  • Mutant Flies - A Feast for One's Carnivores — Shanos, Gregory T. (PDF)
  • A Commentary on Conservation from the Owner of a Commercial CP Nursery — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • Simplistic CP Fertilization Facts — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the March 1986 Issue 15:1

  • (Reminiscences - III) CPN and Conservation — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Drosera petiolaris, the Wooly Sundew — Yax, Curtis (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plant Culture in Holland — Mellichamp, T.L. (PDF)
  • Action Potentials in the Venus Fly Trap — Shanos, Gregory T. (PDF)
  • Rainbow Plant — Dixon, Bob (PDF)
  • The Influence of pH and Nutrient Availability on the Distribution of Sarracenia purpurea (Pitcher Plant) in Three Southwestern Wisconsin Fens — Golembiewski, Teresa Ann (abstract only) (PDF)
  • Judging Carnivorous Plants in a Plant Show — Finn, Judith B. (PDF)
  • The Dr. Edgar T. Wherry Memorabilia Collection: Special Announcement — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the December 1985 Issue 14:4

  • An Unusual mirabilis Plant — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • Nepenthes x hybrida and Nepenthes x sedinii — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • 200 Miles with Mellichamp — Moore, J.C. (PDF)
  • Sumatran Expedition, January 1985 — Russell, Greg (PDF)
  • Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society Show - The Beginning — Bond, David and Gordon Cheers and San Gilmour (PDF)
  • Nepenthes x dominii and var. intermedia — Bednar, Bruce (PDF)
  • Drosera capensis - An Unusual Crestate Form? — Boddy, Steve (PDF)
  • Evolution of the Venus Fly Trap — Snyder, Ivan (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the September 1985 Issue 14:3

  • Cephalotus follicularis, The Western Australia Pitcher Plant — Riedl, Robert (PDF)
  • How to Get Rid of That Algae in Your Utricularia Tank — Manzoni, Robert (PDF)
  • A Simple Technique for the Preservation of CP — Shanos, Gregory T. (PDF)
  • Ecological Adaptations of Sarracenia purpurea in Coastal Maine Sphagnum Moss — Butler, David E. (PDF)
  • The Albany Area — Mann, Phill (PDF)
  • Byblis gigantea — Pamment, Bill (PDF)
  • Rearing Cobras — Brownfield, Jennifer (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the June 1985 Issue 14:2

  • Pest Control — Rutkiewics, Kathleen (PDF)
  • (Reminiscences II) CPN Firsts - Part 1 — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • New Life for a Drosera — Brother Roy (PDF)
  • Nepenthes - Color Them Unique — Triplitt, Ray (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plants in Canada and Sweden — Ainley, Mark (PDF)
  • Drosera capensis (Crestate), An Historical Account — Hanrahan, Bob (PDF)
  • The Victorian Wardian Case; A Tool for Modern Times — Risner, Jeffery K. (PDF)
  • The Cataloging of CP Stations — Stahle, J.B. (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature (PDF)



Contents of the March 1985 Issue 14:1

  • Reminiscences — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Nematode-Trapping Fungi — Hauser, Juliana T. (reprinted from Carolina Tips, Carolina Biological Supply Company) (PDF)
  • Pest Control — Yax, Curtis (PDF)
  • Preliminary Report on Mite Inhabitation Studies in Sarracenias — Naczi, Robert (PDF)
  • Variation in Nepenthes albo-marginata — Shivas, Roger G. (PDF)
  • Drosera Hybrid Found in Pine Barrens — Butler, David E. (PDF)
  • CP Conservation (or lack of it) in the Gulf Coast Area — Campbell, Faith (PDF)
  • A New Family of Carnivorous Plants - review of recent literature — Mazrimas, J.A. (review of: Givnish, T.J; Burkhardt, E.L; Happel, R.E; Weintraub, J.D; American Naturalist, 124(4): 479-497 (1984)) (PDF)
  • Review of recent literature. A new family of carnivorous plants. — Mazrimas, J.A. (PDF)



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