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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS).

CPN is a hybrid journal. It has both popular and peer reviewed scientific articles. The ICPS makes all scientific and taxonomic articles and cultivar descriptions open access from the issue date. Other articles are embargoed for 6 months after the issue date.

Issues from 2005-2009 | Volume 34-38


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Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of Volume 38 Number 4, December 2009

  • Nepenthes attenboroughii: A new species of giant pitcher plant from the Philippines — McPherson, Stewart (Summary | PDF)
  • Nepenthes alba and Nepenthes gracillima — McPherson, Stewart (Summary | PDF)
  • Photosynthetic CO2 affinity of aquatic carnivorous plants growing under nearly-natural conditions and in vitro — Adamec, Lubomir and Pasek, Kamil (Abstract | PDF)
  • The natural behavior of Drosera: Sundews do not catch insects on purpose — Volkova, Polina A. and Shipunov, Alexey B. (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera x fontinalis (Droseraceae), the first natural sundew hybrid from South America — Rivadavia, Fernando (Summary | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 38 Number 3, September 2009

  • Splinter Hill Reserve, an in-depth look — Barnes, Brian (Info | PDF)
  • Ecophysiological investigation on Drosophyllum lusitanicum: Why doesn't the plant dry out? — Adamec, Lubomir (Summary | PDF)
  • Comparative studies on the acid proteinase activities in the digestive fluids of Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Dionaea, and Drosera — Takahashi, Kenji and Koji Matsumoto and Wataru Nishii and Miho Muramatsu and Keiko Kubota and Chiaki Shibata and Senareth B.P. Athauda (Summary | PDF)
  • Pinguicula elongata of Colombia — Hernandez-Melan, J. Heberleyn (Info | PDF)
  • Drosera macrantha subsp. eremaea — Amoroso, Steve (Info | PDF)
  • News and Views — Saroldi, Maurizio (Info | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Addington, Jerry (Summary | PDF)
  • The Savage Garden: Temporary, public displays — D'Amato, Peter (Info | PDF)
  • Literature review. — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 38 Number 2, June 2009

  • Soil fertilization of Sarracenia seedlings — Brittnacher, John (Summary | PDF)
  • An informal field study of some Nepenthes habitats — Malouf, Perry M. (Summary | PDF)
  • The folklore of man-eating plants — Villari, Joseph (Summary | PDF)
  • The Venusian lizard trap — McNeal, Joel (Info | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Addington, Jerry and Karen Oudean and Mike Gilson (Summary | PDF)
  • The savage garden: Barry and Beth's misguided adventures with SUPERthrive — D'Amato, Peter (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 38 Number 1, March 2009

  • A new variety of Drosera spatulata (Droseraceae) from Sarawak, Borneo — Fleischmann, Andreas and Ch'ien C. Lee (Summary | PDF)
  • Brocchinia reducta light preferences — Rice, Barry (Summary | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Wyman, Travis H. and Brian Barnes and David P. Evans (Summary | PDF)
  • Pinguicula planifolia submersion technique — Barnes, Brian (Info | PDF)
  • Looking for horticultural effects of SUPERthrive on Nepenthes — Rice, Barry A. and Elizabeth M. Salvia (Info | PDF)
  • From the board: Splinter Hill Bog update — Barnes, Brian (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)
  • Names of cultivars registered in 2008 — Anon (Info | PDF)
  • Letter from the Editor — Davis, Stephen (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 37 Number 4, December 2008

  • Finally, some time with my plants! — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • Observations of isolated Pinguicula populations in the western USA — Rice, Barry and Arthur Yin and Gina E. Morimoto (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Carow, Thomas (Summary | PDF)
  • New names for natural hybrids in Sarracenia — Mellichamp, Larry (Summary | PDF)
  • A nomenclaturally acceptable rank for the sundew epithet 'obovata' — Schlauer, Jan (Summary | PDF)
  • Further comments on fauna trapped by Eucnide urens (Parry ex Gray) Parry — Bowles, Jane M. (Info | PDF)
  • News and Views — Ziemer, Bob (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Schlauer, Jan (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 37 Number 3, September 2008

  • On Growing Utricularia sect. Orchidioides — Travis H. Wyman (Info | PDF)
  • Taxonomic Relationships of Some Sarracenia spp. (Sarraceniaceae) are not Deducible Based on Palynology — Michael S. Bodri and Robert Sinn (Abstract | PDF)
  • Studying the Rock-loving Pinguicula lithophytica of Cuba — Paul Temple and Cristina M. Panfet-Valdés (Summary | PDF)
  • In vitro Propagation of Roridula gorgonias (Roridulaceae) — Michael S. Bodri and Matthew R. Opel (Info | PDF)
  • Pinguicula lithophytica C. Panfet-Valdés & P. Temple (Lentibulariaceae Rich.), A New Species from the Central Region of Cuba — Cristina M. Panfet-Valdés and Paul Temple (Abstract | PDF)
  • An Interview with Rick Walker — Doug Darnowski (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — John Brittnacher and Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 37 Number 2, June 2008

  • The Drosera montana A.Saint-Hilaire (Droseraceae) complex: A new combination, Drosera schwackei (Diels) F.Rivadavia, is proposed — Rivadavia, Fernando (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — D'Amato, Peter and Barry Rice and Aidan A. Selwyn and Matthew Soper (Summary | PDF)
  • Freeze-drying carnivorous plant pitchers at home — Stewart, Steven E. (Info | PDF)
  • Survival of dried turions of aquatic plants — Adamec, Lubomir (Summary | PDF)
  • Progress report on the ICPS conservation program — Rice, Barry A. (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug and Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 37 Number 1, March 2008

  • Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) of Iran — Naqinezhad, Alireza and Barry A. Rice and Farideh Attar and Adel Jalili (Summary | PDF)
  • Floral dimorphism in Utricularia janarthanamii — Sardesai, M. M. and S. R. Yadav (Summary | PDF)
  • Reassessing commensal-enabled carnivory in Proboscidea and Ibicella? — Rice, Barry (Summary | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Kibellis, Helmut and Ivan Snyder and Gayl Quenon (Summary | PDF)
  • A Sarracenia purpurea population in a peatland of southern New Hampshire — Sudman, Marc (Summary | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 36 Number 4, December 2007

  • Some observations on Pinguicula balcanica Casper and P. hirtiflora Ten. (Lentibulariaceae) from Balkans — Peruzzi, Lorenzo (Summary | PDF)
  • Pinguicula vulgaris L. in the Champagne state of France: life in an alkaline bog — Legendre, Laurent and Thomas Cieslak (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Wyman, Travis H. and Gert Hoogenstrijd (Abstract | PDF)
  • A Genlisea myth is confirmed — Rivadavia, Fernando (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 36 Number 3, September 2007

  • New Cultivars — Srba, Miroslav and Robert Cantley (Summary | PDF)
  • Book review: The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • 7th Conference of the ICPS in 2008! — Bourke, Greg (Info | PDF)
  • Book review: A field guide to the Nepenthes of Sumatra — Clarke, Charles (Info | PDF)
  • Variations in the content and isozymic composition of nepenthesin in the pitcher fluids among Nepenthes species — Takahashi, Kenji and Masao Tanji and Chiaki Shibata (Summary | PDF)
  • Flavonoids occurring in the sticky resin on Roridula dentata and Roridula gorgonias (Roridulaceae) — Wollenweber, Eckhard (Summary | PDF)
  • A case of Nepenthes rafflesiana with a lotus-like flower! — Torres-Rivera, Jorge Joel (Info | PDF)
  • What is the evidence for medicinal value of carnivorous plants? — Chan, Michael M. and Mallory M. Chan and Edward D. Chan (Summary | PDF)
  • Differentiation of Utricularia ochroleuca and U. stygia populations in Trebon basin, Czech Republic, on the basis of quadrifid glands — Płachno, Bartosz J. and Lubomir Adamec (Summary | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 36 Number 2, June 2007

  • Some Background on the CPN Scanning Project — Ziemer, Bob (Info | PDF)
  • 1806, year of birth of the 'cruel' Pinguicula crystallina Sm. (Lentibulariaceae). To the memory of 200 years Florae Graecae Prodromus (1806-1816) and Flora Graeca (1806-1840) — Casper, S. Jost (Abstract | PDF)
  • Utricularia Containment: Trying to Prevent the Great Escape — Cahill, Thomas M. (Info | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Ziemer, Robert and Aidan M. Selwyn and Thomas Cahill (Summary | PDF)
  • Prey preference in two species of North American bladderworts (Utricularia) suitable for water gardens — Darnowski, Douglas W. and Andrew Koerber and Steven P. Moberley (Summary | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer and Francis Brearley and Robert Gibson (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 36 Number 1, March 2007

  • Pinguicula chilensis - habitat observations from the Nahuelbuta National Park in Chile — Gluch, Oliver (Summary | PDF)
  • An interesting observation on the mycorrhizal symbiosis in the insectivorous plant, Drosera peltata Sm., in Meghalaya, north-east India — Venugopal, N. and Ksh. Raseshowri Devi and C. S. Rao (Abstract | PDF)
  • Droseraceae gland and germination patterns revisited: support for recent molecular phylogenetic studies — Conran, John G. and Gunta Jaudzems and Neil D. Hallam (Abstract | PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants with hybrid trapping strategies — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Doug Darnowski and Barry Rice (Info | PDF)
  • Letter from the Editor — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 35 Number 4, December 2006

  • Carnivorous plants in the New Forest — Locke, Steven and Aidan Selwyn (Info | PDF)
  • The time memory of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula Ellis) — Molis, Arne and Gabriel Patten and Manfred Weidner (Summary | PDF)
  • Insecticidal characteristics of the desert stingbush (Eucnide urens) — Metzler, Michael (Info | PDF)
  • Additional notes on Eucnide urens (Parry ex Gray) Parry in the Family Loasaceae — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 35 Number 3, September 2006

  • New Cultivars — Lechtman, Jay and Ivan Snyder (Summary | PDF)
  • The Stunning Red-Flowered Drosera cistiflora in the wild and in cultivation — Gibson, Robert (Info | PDF)
  • Observations of a Two-Headed Flytrap — Skau, Ken (Info | PDF)
  • A Bog at Walden Pond: Serendipitous Botanical History — Rondeau, J. Hawkeye (Info | PDF)
  • Propagating Dionaea by tissue culture using flower stalks — Conner, David (Info | PDF)
  • Aldrovanda vesiculosa and its Cohabitant Algae in culture — Adlassnig, W. and M. Peroutka and W. Pois and I. K. Lichtscheidl (Info | PDF)
  • History of the name Pinguicula hirtiflora Ten. (Lentibulariaceae), or on the uncertainties of Michele Tenore about butterworts — Peruzzi, Lorenzo (Info | PDF)
  • On Growing Mexican Pinguicula — DePuy, Gary (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Barry Rice (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 35 Number 2, June 2006

  • Darlingtonia californica (Sarraceniaceae) and Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae) -- profiles of a refugee and a recluse in British Columbia — Teichreb, Chris (Info | PDF)
  • White-petalled Drosera microphylla Endl. from near Esperance, Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (Info | PDF)
  • Heliamphora exappendiculata, a clearly distinct species with unique characteristics — Nerz, Joachim and Andreas Wistuba (Summary | PDF)
  • Naphthoquinones content of some sundews (Drosera L) — Kovacik, Jozef and Miroslav Repcak (Info | PDF)
  • Plumbagin content in Aldrovanda vesiculosa shoots — Lubomir Adamec, Louis Gastinel, Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)
  • Unexpected Hybrids of Spectacular Bladderworts Species — Miloslav Studnicka (Info | PDF)
  • Book and literature reviews — Rivadavia, Fernando and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 35 Number 1, March 2006

  • A New Species of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) from Nuevo Leon, Mexico — Lurs, Hans and Stan E. Lampard (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Clemens, William Joseph (Summary | PDF)
  • Utricularia jamesoniana in cultivation — Wyman, Travis H. and Sebastian Vieira (Info | PDF)
  • Root anatomy of three carnivorous plant species — Adamec, Lubomir and Pavel Kohout and Karl Benes (Summary | PDF)
  • Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes: Nepenthaceae) Pollen Germinability and Storage: Conservation Implications — Cokendolpher, James C. (Summary | PDF)
  • Book and literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 34 Number 4, December 2005

  • Notes on some little known carnivorous plants from Madagascar — Schlosser, Eric (Info | PDF)
  • Roridula, a carnivorous shrub from South Africa — Opel, Matthew R. (Info | PDF)
  • ICPS Grant News: Restoration at a North Carolina Mountain Bog — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • Nepenthes clipeata Conservation — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • Nepenthes clipeata Survival Project — Cantley, Robert and Charles Clarke and James Cokendolpher and Barry Rice and Andreas Wistuba (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 34 Number 3, September 2005

  • Observations on Cephalotus follicularis and Drosera binata in Western Australia — Mann, Phill (Info | PDF)
  • Comments on a Useful Pesticide — Rice, Barry (Info | PDF)
  • Youthwort - Herbal Alchemy — Snyder, Ivan (Info | PDF)
  • Scott Bennett's Carnivorous Plant Prints — Mazur, Carl (Info | PDF)
  • A Veinless Form of Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea Discovered in Ontario, Canada — Mazur, Carl J. and Jay Lechtman (Info | PDF)
  • New Chromosome Numbers for Drosera L. (Droseraceae) — Rivadavia, Fernando (Info | PDF)
  • Growing Utricularia gibba — Pulver, Emilie (Info | PDF)
  • Student Experiment Project: Number of closures of Dionaea muscipula leaves — Chen, Emerson (Info | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 34 Number 2, June 2005

  • Nepenthes rowanae (Nepenthaceae), a Remarkable Species From Cape York, Australia — Clarke, Charles and Rod Kruger (Summary | PDF)
  • The Effect of Copper and Iron Ions on the Growth of the Bladderworts Utricularia gibba and U. macrorhiza — Saha, Sunipa and Douglas W. Darnowski (Summary | PDF)
  • Nepenthes argentii on Sibuyan Island — Rybka, Vlastik and Romana Rybkova and Robert Cantley (Info | PDF)
  • Initial Studies on in vitro Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Nepenthes truncata Macf. — Rasco, Eufemio T. Jr and Mary Ann D. Maquilan (Info | PDF)
  • Drosera spatulata var. gympiensis: The Formal Description of the 'Hairy Sepal' Taxon from South-Eastern Queensland — Gibson, Robert and Ivan Snyder (Summary | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (Info | PDF)



Contents of Volume 34 Number 1, March 2005

  • Heliamphora sarracenioides, a New Species of Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) From Venezuela — Carow, Thomas and Andreas Wistuba and Peter Harbarth (Summary | PDF)
  • The Behaviour of Drosera rotundifolia L. (Droseraceae) Trapping Leaves in Natural Habitats — Volkova, P.A. and A.B. Shipunov (Info | PDF)
  • Disease Symptoms in Pinguicula: Some Causes and Remedies. — Legendre, Laurent and H. Kibellis (Info | PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Garcia, Brooks and Miloslav Studnicka (Summary | PDF)



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