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Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 2004 Issue 33:4

  • New Cultivars — Thomas Carow and Romuald Anifraix (PDF)
  • Contribution to the cytotaxonomical knowledge of the genus Pinguicula L. (Lentibulariaceae): A synopsis of Karyological Data — Peruzzi, Lorenzo (PDF)
  • Heliamphora elongata (Sarraceniaceae), a new species from Ilu Tepui — Nerz, Joachim (PDF)
  • Red Aldrovanda from near Esperance, Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Leaf Pullings: a 'new' way to propagate Sarracenia vegetatively — Rice, Barry A. (PDF)
  • Special review: Nepenthes inermis model — Rice, Barry (PDF)



Contents of the September 2004 Issue 33:3

  • Pinguicula crystallina Sibth. et Smith subsp. hirtiflora (Ten.) Strid (Lentibulariaceae) in Calabria (Southern Italy). Cytotaxonomical study and ex situ conservation in the Botanic Garden of Calabria University — Peruzzi, Lorenzo and Nicodemo Giuseppe Passalacqua and Giuliano Cesca (PDF)
  • Noteworthy Collections: Anthocyanin-free Sarracenia alata (Wood) in Alabama — Mazur, Carl and Melissa Mazur (PDF)
  • A large-flowered form of U. bisquamata from near Hermanus, South Africa — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Observations on the Aldrovanda-containing and Aldrovanda-lacking areas of Girraween Lagoon, Australia — Darnowski, Douglas W. (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Studnicka, Miloslav and Steven Stewart and William Joseph Clemens and Travis H. Wyman and William Dawnstar (PDF)
  • How to grow a ridiculously large number of sundews — Darnowski, Douglas W. (PDF)



Contents of the June 2004 Issue 33:2

  • Experiences With Propagation of Sarracenia flava (Sarraceniaceae) Through Division With Only One Growing Spot — Isenberg, Tobias (PDF)
  • The Conservation and Display of Southeastern U. S. Pitcher Plant Bogs at The Crosby Arboretum — Brzuszek, Robert F. (PDF)
  • A New Mexican Species of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) — Hans Luhrs, Oliver Gluch, Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • Observations on Two Different Forms of Utricularia reniformis — Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Clemens, William Joseph and Barry Rice and Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • Aspects of Ecology of Drosera rotundifolia L. at the White Sea Coast — Volkova, P.A. (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the March 2004 Issue 33:1

  • The Saga of the Hurricane Creek White Sarracenia leucophylla — Hummer, John H. (PDF)
  • A Field Study of Sarracenia oreophila — Catalani, Michael (PDF)
  • Party Time - Mix and Match — Lum, Greg (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Cook, Dean and John H. Hummer and Art Vogel and Oliver Gluch and Colin Clayton (PDF)
  • The Special Relationship Between Nepenthes and Tree Frogs — Hua, YueJin and Lee Kuizheng (PDF)
  • Experiments with highland Nepenthes seedlings: A Summary of Measured Tolerances — Sacilotto, Robert (PDF)
  • Special review: Gulf coast carnivorous plants populations - DVD — Mazur, Carl (PDF)



Contents of the December 2003 Issue 32:4

  • Three Utricularia species worthy of cultivation — Malcolm, Tim (PDF)
  • A Sarracenia purpurea var. montana conservation project — Rice, Barry A. (PDF)
  • Wetland Plants in the Desert — Salvia, Elizabeth M. and Barry Rice (PDF)
  • Utricularia stygia in California, USA, and U. ochroleuca at its southern range — Schlosser, Eric (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the September 2003 Issue 32:3

  • Share the Joy — Hitchens, Al (PDF)
  • What is the Accepted Name for this Plant? or Do I have to call it Sarracenia rosea? — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • In Vitro Propagation of Byblis filifolia (Byblidaceae) — Pelto, Matthew C. and Jon T. Lindstrom (PDF)
  • Four New Species of Sundews, Drosera (Droseraceae), From Brazil — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Drosera grantsaui-- A new Introduction From Brazil — Hochberg, Matt and Fernando Rivadavia (PDF)



Contents of the June 2003 Issue 32:2

  • Genlisea Traps--A new piece of knowledge — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • Further problem in Genlisea Trap untangled? — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • Zero water flows in the Carnivorous Genus Genlisea — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Cultivation of Nepenthes northiana — Shafer, Jeff (PDF)
  • Curious Natural Hybrid Sundews — Snyder, Ivan (PDF)
  • Observations on life strategies of Genlisea, Heliamphora, and Utricularia in Natural Habitats — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the March 2003 Issue 32:1

  • Sarracenia Distribution Program — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Amazing Thailand — Kahl, Tom (PDF)
  • Discovering Carnivorous Plants — Green, John (PDF)
  • ICPS Wild Seed Collection Policy — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Pinguicula loxensis (Lentibulariaceae)-- A Lost Name by Humboldt and Bonpland? — Casper, S. Jost (PDF)
  • A novel method for the cultivation of Nepenthes villosa — Shafer, Jeff (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Brewer, Charles and Steven Ploszak and James L. Booman and Bob Hanrahan (PDF)
  • ICPS on The World Wide Web: Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Index — Brittnacher, John (PDF)
  • The ICPS seed bank can now distribute endangered species seed within the USA! — Rice, Barry and John Brittnacher (PDF)



Contents of the December 2002 Issue 31:4

  • Drosera cuneifolia and D. admirabilis: Two rosetted sundews from The Cape Province, South Africa — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • ICPS on the World Wide Web: Carnivorous Plant E-Mail Listserv Archive — Brittnacher, John (PDF)
  • Building a Windowbox Micro-Bog for Urban Environments — Halsted, Kit (PDF)
  • A Method for Growing Aldrovanda — Darnowski, Douglas W. (PDF)
  • Genlisea lobata Fromm-Trinta — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • The 4th International Carnivorous Plant Conference Tokyo, Japan, June 21-23, 2002 — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Growing Carnivorous Plants in the UK — Catalano, Marcello (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the September 2002 Issue 31:3

  • Abiotic Factors, Particularly CO2 concentration, Affecting Carnivorous Plants From the Eastern Shore of Maryland — McDermott, Matthew and Douglas W. Darnowski (PDF)
  • Heliamphora chimantensis, A new species of Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) from the 'Macizo de Chimanta' in the South of Venezuela — Wistuba, Andreas and Thomas Carow and Peter Harbarth (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Rice, Barry A. and Elizabeth M. Salvia (PDF)
  • An Interview with Dr. Rob Naczi about Sarracenia rosea — Stevens, Tim (PDF)
  • ICPS on the World Wide Web — Brittnacher, John (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the June 2002 Issue 31:2

  • Sarracenia minor Walt. var. okefenokeensis Schnell: A New Variety — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Sacilotto, Rob (PDF)
  • The Tropical Liana Triphyophyllum peltatum (Dioncophyllaceae): Formation of Carnivorous Organs is only a facultative prerequisite for shoot elongation — Bringmann, Gerhard and Heiko Rischer and Jan Schlauer and Kristina Wolf and Andreas Kreiner and Martin Duschek and Laurent Ake Assi (PDF)
  • Genlisea aurea St. Hil. — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • A cure for the common cold — Peel, Doug (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the March 2002 Issue 31:1

  • The Search for Utricularia ochroleuca in Western North America — Rondeau, Hawkeye and Edith Rondeau (PDF)
  • Conrad Gessner and Pinguicula - a nearly forgotten aspect of the pre-Linnean History of Lentibulariaceae and Pinguicula L. — Casper, S. Jost (PDF)
  • Ecological differences between Utricularia ochroleuca and U. intermedia Habitats — Adamec, Lubomir and Jiri Lev (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Hummer, John (PDF)
  • Drosera indica from Narrabri, New South Wales — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Cold Pinguicula in a Hot Climate — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Literature reviews (PDF)



Contents of the December 2001 Issue 30:4

  • Color patterns in Darlingtonia — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Drosera hartmeyorum spec. nov. (Droseraceae), a new sundew in sect. Arachnopus from Northern Australia — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Observations on a new Drosera species in the Ord River region (Australia) — Hartmeyer, Siegfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Song, Leo and John Hummer (PDF)
  • Heliamphora folliculata, a new species of Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) from the 'Los Testigos' table mountains in the South of Venezuela — Wistuba, Andreas and Peter Harbarth and Thomas Carow (PDF)



Contents of the September 2001 Issue 30:3

  • Utricularia geminiloba in flower at last! — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Hinkson, Stephen J. and Barry Meyers-Rice (PDF)
  • Highlights of a trip to Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Confessions of a dabbler — Richter, Russell (PDF)
  • The ICPS 2000 world conference photography contest — Gray, David (PDF)
  • Cephalotus cultivation: cultivation with capillary mats — Tran, Dick (PDF)
  • A new pot design for tuberous Drosera — McDermott, Matthew and Douglas Darnowski (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the June 2001 Issue 30:2

  • Drosera neocaledonica: Its origins, habitat, and cultivation — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Rare Sarracenia poaching and the ICPS — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • New Observations of leaf movements in Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • How to build a personal reverse osmosis waterworks — LaPedis, Ron (PDF)
  • Nepenthes Photographs — Wistuba, Andreas (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the March 2001 Issue 30:1

  • Utricularia nelumbifolia Gardn. at Last! — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Wilson, Phil and Leo Song, Jr. (PDF)
  • Uptake of the amino acid alaninie by digestive leaves: proof of carnivory in the tropical liana Triphyophyllum peltatum (Dioncophyllaceae) — Bringmann, Gerhard and Matthias Wenzel and, Henrick Philipp Bringmann and Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Refining the terrarium: alternative techniques for the indoor gardener — Wilder, Mike (PDF)
  • Black Vine Weevil: A Sarracenia and Darlingtonia Pest — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Good News: Drosera longifolia L. Rejected, Sarracenia purpurea L. Conserved With a New Type — Cheek, Martin (PDF)



Contents of the December 2000 Issue 29:4

  • Savage Garden: Slack-potting the dewy pine — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Cultivars developed by Adrian Slack — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Drosera slackii - A living jewel from South Africa — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Favorite Anecdotes on Adrian Slack — Cantley, Robert and Martin Cheek and Paul F. Gardner and Phill Mann and Barry Meyers-Rice and Norman Parker and Paul Temple (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Hanrahan, Bob and Peter D'Amato and Barry-Meyers-Rice and Jan Flisek and John Hummer (PDF)
  • Medium optimization for growing Aldrovanda vesiculosa in vitro — Adamec, Lubomir and Kamil Pasek (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the September 2000 Issue 29:3

  • Carnivorous plants in Orange County, Florida — Glidden, Derek (PDF)
  • Stalking the pygmy bladderwort, Utricularia olivacea (Lentibulariaceae) — Anderson, Loran C. (PDF)
  • Global carnivorous plant diversity a contribution from the carnivorous plant specialist group (cpsg) of the international union for the conservation of nature (iucn,ssc) — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • The giant Genlisea uncinata P. Taylor & Fromm-Trinta — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Marshall, Andrew and Peter D'Amato (PDF)
  • Carnivores on stamps and currency — Ellis, Richard (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the June 2000 Issue 29:2

  • Heliamphora hispida (Sarraceniaceae), a new species from Cerro Neblina, Brazil-Venezuela — Nerz, Joachim and Andreas Wistuba (PDF)
  • Endless Carnivorous Plants in Cape Town, South Africa — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Studnicka, Miloslav and Peter D'Amato (PDF)
  • Growing Nepenthes in a completely inorganic substrate — Rischer, Heiko (PDF)
  • The enduring controversies concerning the process of protein digestion in Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) — Frazier, Christopher K. (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the March 2000 Issue 29:1

  • Colchicine Treatment on Sterile Hybrid sundews — Snyder, Ivan (PDF)
  • Colchicine Hazards — Barry, Sean (PDF)
  • Two new Pinguicula hirtiflora Ten. (Lentibulariaceae) sites in Italy — Pinto, E. and M.G. Tine and O. Iovane (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Meyers-Rice, Barry and John Brittnacher and Leo Song (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden: Chilly Nights — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Barry Rice (PDF)



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