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An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala

Richard Nunn and Allen Lowrie

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 50(3):118-132
Published 6 August 2021

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Over the past two decades interest has grown in the tropical Drosera of northern Australia. As more botanical research is conducted in this remote region, new species have been described, new undescribed taxa discovered and we have gained a greater understanding of their ecology. Lowrie (1998) provided the first detailed account of Drosera section Lasiocephala, additional accounts were published in Lowrie (2014) and Lowrie et al. (2017), since then further field work has been undertaken, phylogenetic studies (Fleischmann et al. 2018), and a new species has been described (Baleeiro et al. 2020). The aim of this paper is to synthesize the current body of knowledge into the most up to date summary of this section, and draws extensively on previous text created by the authors (Lowrie 1998; Bourke & Nunn 2012; Lowrie 2014; Lowrie et al. 2017), with the addition of new studies (Fleischmann et al. 2018; Baleeiro et al. 2020) and many new images.

Keywords: Drosera, Lasiocephala,

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Richard Nunn and Allen Lowrie. 2021. An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 50(3):118-132.

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