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Reassessing commensal-enabled carnivory in Proboscidea and Ibicella?

Rice, Barry

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 37(1):15-19
Published 22 March 2008

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In 1999 I conducted experiments to look for enzymatic activity on the glandular leaves of Ibicella lutea (Pedaliaceae), also known as the devil's claw or unicorn plant. I saw no evidence for enzymes, inferred the plants were not carnivorous, and wrote that 'These are interesting plants, but I have no room for them in my carnivorous garden. The seeds I will send to the ICPS seed bank will be my last'. Furthermore, on my web site I wrote that '…on the whole, I have lost interest in this non-carnivore' (Rice 2004). Ah, how presumptuous I was.

Keywords: ecology: arthropods, California, Ibicella lutea, Proboscidea parviflora

Article Citation

Rice, Barry. 2008. Reassessing commensal-enabled carnivory in Proboscidea and Ibicella?. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 37(1):15-19.

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