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Drosera x fontinalis (Droseraceae), the first natural sundew hybrid from South America

Rivadavia, Fernando

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 38(4):121-125
Published December 2009

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Artificial Drosera hybrids are known from several subgenera and sections in the genus Drosera, such as D. capensis L. x D. slackii Cheek, D. neocaledonica R. Hamet x D. aliciae R. Hamet, D. nidiformis Debbert x D. dielsiana Exell & Laundon, D. burmannii Vahl x D. sessilifolia A. St.- Hil., D. kenneallyi Lowrie x D. lanata K. Kondo, D. dichrosepala Turcz. x D. roseana N.G. Marchant & Lowrie, D. anglica Huds. x D. spatulata Labill., D. oblanceolata Y. Z. Ruan x D. capillaris Poir., D. macrantha Endl. x D. andersoniana W. Fitzg. ex Ewart. & White, and even complex hybrids such as D. (falconeri K. Kondo & P. Tsang x ordensis Lowrie) x D. (darwinensis Lowrie x falconeri) (Kusakabe 1979; Snyder 2000; Ziemer 2002). A smaller number of natural hybrids are known, such as: D. allantostigma (N.G. Marchant & Lowrie) Lowrie & Conran x D. omissa Diels, D. omissa Diels x D. pulchella Lehm. (Lowrie & Conran 2007), D. aliciae x D. glabripes (Harv. ex Planch.) Stein (Gibson & Green 1999), as well as between most northern temperate taxa (Schnell 2002). Furthermore, a few Drosera species are almost surely of hybrid origin, such as D. anglica Huds. (Wood 1955) and D. tokaiensis (Komiya & Shibata) T. Nakamura & Ueda (Hoshi et al. 1994; Nakano et al. 2004).

Keywords: New taxa: Drosera x fontinalis, Drosera grantsaui, Drosera tomentosa, South America

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Rivadavia, Fernando. 2009. Drosera x fontinalis (Droseraceae), the first natural sundew hybrid from South America. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 38(4):121-125.

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