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A short history of an exotic carnivorous planting in New Jersey, USA

Barry Rice and Jim Bockowski

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 42(3):94-98
Published 28 August 2013

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More than thirty years ago, a few non-native carnivorous plants were introduced into a prime wetland in New Jersey. We provide a candid description of the events that followed, and the current state of affairs at this site. While it is now widely understood that such introductions of non-native plants into wildland areas are generally unwise, back then this knowledge was not so widespread. This paper is not intended to debate the merits or dangers of introducing non-native plants, nor is it intended as an exercise in laying blame. It is hoped, however, that future botanists encountering this site might find this paper illuminating and clarifying.

Keywords: field studies: New Jersey, pine barrens; Sarracenia'conservation: non-native species

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Barry Rice and Jim Bockowski. 2013. A short history of an exotic carnivorous planting in New Jersey, USA. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 42(3):94-98.

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