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Drosera anglica in Alaska

Baldwin, Mike

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 42(1):30-31
Published 25 February 2013

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Little has been written about carnivorous plants in Alaska. Typically the literature has been limited to brief descriptions found in flora guidebooks, or a brief description of species and range. There are two sundews native to Alaska, Drosera rotundifolia and D. anglica. D. rotundifolia has been recorded from all across Alaska, while the literature on the distribution of D. anglica hasn't been quite as clearly defined. Schnell's (2002) range map shows a narrow distribution of D. anglica in Alaska limited to Kodiak Island in Southcentral Alaska. It is shown in neighboring British Columbia, so it is conceivable that it could be in Southeast Alaska as well. Hulten (1968) showed a greater distribution of locations across the state.

Keywords: Drosera anglica, Alaska

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Baldwin, Mike. 2013. Drosera anglica in Alaska. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 42(1):30-31.

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