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Philcoxia: A new genus of carnivorous plant

Andreas Fleischmann

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 41(2):77-81
Published 1 June 2012

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Philcoxia P.Taylor & V.C.Souza is a genus of three small, rare, enigmatic plant species from Bra- zil. This fairly new plant genus was first described to science in 2000 by Peter Taylor and co-workers, and consists of the species Philcoxia bahiensis from Bahia, P. goiasensis from Goiás, and P. minensis from Minas Gerais, each named for the Brazilian state to which it is endemic). All species of Philcoxia are characterized by thickened subterranean stems that bear small and lax rosettes of tiny peltate leaves on very long petioles. The minute leaves, only 1-3 mm in diameter, are lined with stalked, sticky glandular hairs on their upper surface and lie flat on the ground, usually covered by a thin layer of sand grains. Although two of the species were presumed to be annuals by Taylor et al., more recent collections show that all of them posses a well-developed underground stem, and are thus certainly perennials (probably even very long-lived). The erect inflorescence can reach up to ca. 30 cm tall, it is many-flowered and multiply-branched, the lilac to purple flowers consisting of a tubular corolla are vaguely reminiscent of flowers of Lentibulariaceae.

Keywords: Philcoxia, Brazil

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Andreas Fleischmann. 2012. Philcoxia: A new genus of carnivorous plant. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 41(2):77-81.

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