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Prey preference in Genlisea small crustaceans, not protozoa

Darnowski, Douglas W. and Sarah Fritz

Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 39(4):114-116
Published 30 November 2010

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It has been reported that Genlisea is a plant which specializes in trapping ciliate protozoa, such as Blepharisma, which it has chemotactically attracted, and it was claimed further to be the first such example known. Those authors used both South American (G. aurea, G. violacea) and African (G. margaretae) species for their work, and they found or were able to cite evidence for prey being attracted by means of released chemicals, for the release of digestive enzymes, and the absorption and translocation of radioactive 35S.

Keywords: cultivation: carnivory: amphipods, copepods, protozoans, Genlisea

Article Citation

Darnowski, Douglas W. and Sarah Fritz. 2010. Prey preference in Genlisea small crustaceans, not protozoa. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 39(4):114-116.

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