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Contents of the September 2017 Issue 46:3

  • International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) Treasurer (PDF)
  • An account of Drosera section Prolifera — Richard Nunn and Greg Bourke (PDF)
  • Quantification of growth benefit of carnivorous plants from prey — Lubomír Adamec
  • Carnivorous plants exhibit a unique tropism — Armando Simón
  • New cultivars — John Hummer and Phil Faulisi and Hawken Carlton and John Brittnacher (PDF)

Contents of the June 2017 Issue 46:2

  • Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society — Kevin Zhang (PDF)
  • Prey capture by Dionaea muscipula A review of scientific literature with supplementary original research — Stephen E. Williams and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer
  • Nepenthes robcantleyi: A natural hybrid — Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez
  • Observations of new Roridula symbiotes — Frank Obregon
  • New cultivars — Christopher Crow and Olivier Bres and Andrea Amici and Fred Passkiewicz and Yi Chen and Alexander Fisch and Lucien Blacher (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2016 (PDF)

Contents of the March 2017 Issue 46:1

  • ICPS Conference 2018 -- Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek
  • The correct name for Drosera longiscapa and the mystery of D. madagascariensis from South Africa — Andreas Fleischmann
  • The impact of soil type on Pygmy Drosera distribution — Richard Nunn and Hans Lambers
  • Unexpected discovery of 7-Methyljuglone (Ramentaceone) in several Australian sundews — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer
  • Many triggerplants (Stylidium spp.; Stylidiaceae) form arbuscular mycorrhizal associations — Stephen P. Moberly and Maxine Watson and Douglas W. Darnowski
  • Further evidence of carnivory in triggerplants (Stylidium spp.; Stylidiaceae) — Douglas W. Darnowski
  • Growing 20,000 Sarracenia seedlings — Chris McCarthy and Richard Wuydts
  • New cultivars — Olivier Bres and Ries van Ool and Phil Faulisi and Michael Aronesty and Julien Müller (PDF)

Contents of the December 2016 Issue 45:4

  • Nepenthes nebularum, a new species from Mindanao, Philippines — Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez (PDF)
  • The search for all of the victims and all of the killers — Douglas W. Darnowski (PDF)
  • Surviving wild Papua — Arthur Yin (PDF)
  • A carnivorous plant lover remembered — Laura Del Col Brown (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Francois Boulianne and Miroslav Srba and Miloslav Studnicka and Oliver Gluch (PDF)
  • The ICPS conference 2016 — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)

Contents of the September 2016 Issue 45:3

  • Introducing Alex Eilts — Alex Eilts (PDF)
  • Pinguicula flowers with pollen imitations close at night – some observations on butterwort flower biology — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • An account of the Nepenthes species of Vietnam — Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu (PDF)
  • Drosera pauciflora – the queen of the sundews — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Deep in the web, up in the hills: the discovery of Drosera magnifica, the “Facebook sundew” — Paulo Minatel Gonella (PDF)
  • A tribute to David Crump (1953-2016) — Larry Mellichamp (PDF)
  • Book review: The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • Book review: Carnivorous Plants: Gardening with Extraordinary Botanicals — Marcel van den Broek
  • New cultivars — Hawken Carlton and Alexandre Letertre and Phil Faulisi and Larry Mellichamp (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2015 (PDF)
  • Erratum Correction of the reference to the basionym Pinguicula longifolia Ram. ex DC. subsp. caussensis Casper — Aymeric Roccia (PDF)

Contents of the June 2016 Issue 45:2

  • A preliminary survey of the taxonomic composition of contents of Nepenthes smilesii Hemsl. pitchers in Bi Doup – Nui Ba National Park (South Vietnam) — Anna N. Demidova and Gregory S. Eremkin and Evgeny O. Shcherbakov and Vladimir A. Zryanin and Nikolay G. Prilepsky (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Jerry Addington and Hawken Carlton and Erio Piacenti and Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Pinguicula ramosa Miyoshi – a botanical review — Hiro Shimai (PDF)
  • Water propagation of the Venus flytrap — Bryn Jones (PDF)
  • Propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings — Mark S. Anderson (PDF)

Contents of the March 2016 Issue 45:1

  • Erratum — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • 11th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference 2016 — Tim Bailey (PDF)
  • The IUCN Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Sir David Attenborough’s introduction letter for the CPSG website — David Attenborough (PDF)
  • In memory of Steven David Rose — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Niche partitioning in sympatric Sarracenia species at Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Baldwin County, Alabama — Jacquelyn S. Howell and Ashley B. Morris (PDF)
  • Olfactory prey attraction in Drosera? — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • An equation for determining percentage of herbivory on Pinguicula moranensis – A correction — Michael Baldwin and Robert Baldwin (PDF)
  • Field trip report: Hybrids at Old Dock Preserve, North Carolina — Mason McNair (PDF)
  • Growing high elevation tropicals: Building a chamber to accommodate cool growing tropicals, alpines, and species requiring cold dormancy — Andrew Norris (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Greg Bourke and Eric Morrow (PDF)

Contents of the December 2015 Issue 44:4

  • Several pygmy Sundew species possess catapult-flypaper traps with repetitive function, indicating a possible evolutionary change into aquatic snap traps similar to Aldrovanda — Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (PDF)
  • Soil pH values at sites of terrestrial carnivorous plants in south-west Europe — Lubomír Adamec (PDF)
  • Is long-term survival of dried turions of aquatic carnivorous plants possible? — Lubomír Adamec (PDF)
  • Hypothesis of mucilage-assisted dispersal of Drosera seeds — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Literature review: Drosera × eloisiana, not D. × belezeana — John Brittnacher (PDF)
  • Photoperiod regulates Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis) gland secretion and leaf development — Wang Dong-Hui and Wang Dong-Qi and Cui Yi-Wei and Yang Lu and Gu Xiao-Di and Song Wen-Fei and Li Feng (PDF)
  • Second brief piece of information about the species status of Utricularia cornigera Studnicka — Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • How hungry are carnivorous plants? An investigation into the nutrition of carnivorous plant taxa from the Kimberley region of Western Australia — Laura Skates and Adam Cross (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Schram and Alexandre Letertre and Axel Bostrom (PDF)

Contents of the September 2015 Issue 44:3

  • Biology of the trapless rheophytic Utricularia neottioides: Is it possible to grow this specialized species in cultivation? — Lubomír Adamec and Andreas Fleischmann and Kamil Pásek (PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the rare natural hybrid Sarracenia ×casei Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the uncommon natural hybrid Sarracenia ×naczii Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • Accurate labeling of Australian Drosera in cultivation — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • The 241 species that appeared in Allen Lowrie’s Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Field notes from Andalucía, Spain — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Ark of Life reloaded — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Daniele Righetti and John Hummer and Arthur Sanguet (PDF)
  • Literature Review: Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus - Volumes One, Two, Three — Fernando Rivadavia (PDF)
  • Erratum: Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — . (PDF)

Contents of the June 2015 Issue 44:2

  • CPN editors (PDF)
  • Do bears disperse Darlingtonia? — Damon Collingsworth (PDF)
  • The intricate Pinguicula crystallina/hirtiflora-complex — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • Prey capture patterns in Nepenthes species and natural hybrids – are the pitchers of hybrids as effective at trapping prey as those of their parents? — Heon Sui Peng and Charles Clarke (PDF)
  • Germinating Nepenthes seed: Putting myths to rest — Mason McNair and Jeremiah Harris (PDF)
  • Resolution of the relationships within the North American pitcher plant genus, Sarracenia — Jessica Stephens (PDF)
  • Cultivation of Australian aquatic insectivorous plants — Brandan Espe (PDF)
  • Giant Cephalotus of unknown origins — Dick Chan (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Tobias Sicking (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Grex names published by the International Nepenthes Grex Registry (PDF)

Contents of the March 2015 Issue 44:1

  • An updated taxonomic treatment of the natural hybrids of Sarracenia L. (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • 11th ICPS Conference 2016 - Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek
  • Taxonomic Utricularia news — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • Drosera x Dork’s Pink a man-made pygmy Drosera hybrid between Drosera lasiantha and Drosera callistos — John Hancock and Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • The 10th ICPS Conference 2014, Cairns, Australia — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Field tripping with the ICPS a visit to far northern Queensland — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Dalmais and Guillem Gutierrez and John M. Kotleba and Robert Co and Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)


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