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Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 2009 Issue 38:4

  • Nepenthes attenboroughii: A new species of giant pitcher plant from the Philippines — McPherson, Stewart (Abstract | PDF)
  • Nepenthes alba and Nepenthes gracillima — McPherson, Stewart (Abstract | PDF)
  • Photosynthetic CO2 affinity of aquatic carnivorous plants growing under nearly-natural conditions and in vitro — Adamec, Lubomir and Pasek, Kamil (Abstract | PDF)
  • The natural behavior of Drosera: Sundews do not catch insects on purpose — Volkova, Polina A. and Shipunov, Alexey B. (Abstract | PDF)
  • Drosera x fontinalis (Droseraceae), the first natural sundew hybrid from South America — Rivadavia, Fernando (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)



Contents of the September 2009 Issue 38:3

  • Splinter Hill Reserve, an in-depth look — Barnes, Brian (PDF)
  • Ecophysiological investigation on Drosophyllum lusitanicum: Why doesn't the plant dry out? — Adamec, Lubomir (Abstract | PDF)
  • Comparative studies on the acid proteinase activities in the digestive fluids of Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Dionaea, and Drosera — Takahashi, Kenji and Koji Matsumoto and Wataru Nishii and Miho Muramatsu and Keiko Kubota and Chiaki Shibata and Senareth B.P. Athauda (Abstract | PDF)
  • Pinguicula elongata of Colombia — Hernandez-Melan, J. Heberleyn (PDF)
  • Drosera macrantha subsp. eremaea — Amoroso, Steve (PDF)
  • News and Views — Saroldi, Maurizio (PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Sarracenia 'Jessica' — Addington, Jerry (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden: Temporary, public displays — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Literature review. — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)



Contents of the June 2009 Issue 38:2

  • Soil fertilization of Sarracenia seedlings — Brittnacher, John (Abstract | PDF)
  • An informal field study of some Nepenthes habitats — Malouf, Perry M. (Abstract | PDF)
  • The folklore of man-eating plants — Villari, Joseph (Abstract | PDF)
  • The Venusian lizard trap — McNeal, Joel (PDF)
  • New cultivars: Sarracenia ‘Kilimanjaro’, Sarracenia ‘Tapestry’, Sarracenia ‘Opawa Emperor’ — Addington, Jerry and Karen Oudean and Mike Gilson (PDF)
  • The savage garden: Barry and Beth’s misguided adventures with SUPERthrive — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)



Contents of the March 2009 Issue 38:1

  • A new variety of Drosera spatulata (Droseraceae) from Sarawak, Borneo — Fleischmann, Andreas and Ch'ien C. Lee (Abstract | PDF)
  • Brocchinia reducta light preferences — Rice, Barry (Abstract | PDF)
  • New cultivars — Wyman, Travis H. and Brian Barnes and David P. Evans (PDF)
  • Pinguicula planifolia submersion technique — Barnes, Brian (PDF)
  • Looking for horticultural effects of SUPERthrive on Nepenthes — Rice, Barry A. and Elizabeth M. Salvia (PDF)
  • From the board: Splinter Hill Bog update — Barnes, Brian (PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)
  • Names of cultivars registered in 2008 (PDF)



Contents of the December 2008 Issue 37:4

  • Finally, some time with my plants! — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Observations of isolated Pinguicula populations in the western USA — Rice, Barry and Arthur Yin and Gina E. Morimoto (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Utricularia alpina x humboldtii 'Nüdlinger Flair' — Carow, Thomas (PDF)
  • New names for natural hybrids in Sarracenia — Mellichamp, Larry (Abstract | PDF)
  • A nomenclaturally acceptable rank for the sundew epithet 'obovata' — Schlauer, Jan (Abstract | PDF)
  • Further comments on fauna trapped by Eucnide urens (Parry ex Gray) Parry — Bowles, Jane M. (PDF)
  • News and Views — Ziemer, Bob (PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the September 2008 Issue 37:3

  • On Growing Utricularia sect. Orchidioides — Wyman, Travis H. (PDF)
  • Taxonomic Relationships of Some Sarracenia spp. (Sarraceniaceae) are not Deducible Based on Palynology — Bodri, Michael S. and Robert Sinn (Abstract | PDF)
  • Studying the Rock-loving Pinguicula lithophytica of Cuba — Temple, Paul and Cristina M. Panfet-Valdés (Abstract | PDF)
  • In vitro Propagation of Roridula gorgonias (Roridulaceae) — Bodri, Michael S. and Matthew R. Opel (PDF)
  • Pinguicula lithophytica C. Panfet-Vald's & P. Temple (Lentibulariaceae Rich.), A New Species from the Central Region of Cuba — Panfet-Valdés, Cristina M. and Paul Temple (Abstract | PDF)
  • An Interview with Rick Walker — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Brittnacher, John and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 2008 Issue 37:2

  • The Drosera montana A.Saint-Hilaire (Droseraceae) complex: A new combination, Drosera schwackei (Diels) F.Rivadavia, is proposed — Rivadavia, Fernando (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Sarracenia 'Bris', Sarracenia 'Hugh Jampton', Sarracenia 'Juthatip Soper', Erratum Dionaea 'Microdent' — D'Amato, Peter and Barry Rice and Aidan A. Selwyn and Matthew Soper (PDF)
  • Freeze-drying carnivorous plant pitchers at home — Stewart, Steven E. (PDF)
  • Survival of dried turions of aquatic plants — Adamec, Lubomir (Abstract | PDF)
  • Progress report on the ICPS conservation program — Rice, Barry A. (PDF)
  • Literature reviews. — Darnowski, Doug and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the March 2008 Issue 37:1

  • Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) of Iran — Naqinezhad, Alireza and Barry A. Rice and Farideh Attar and Adel Jalili (Abstract | PDF)
  • Floral dimorphism in Utricularia janarthanamii — Sardesai, M. M. and S. R. Yadav (Abstract | PDF)
  • Reassessing commensal-enabled carnivory in Proboscidea and Ibicella? — Rice, Barry (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Dionaea muscipula 'Microdents', Drosera 'Ivan's Paddle', Pinguicula 'Down Under' — Kibellis, Helmut and Ivan Snyder and Gayl Quenon (PDF)
  • A Sarracenia purpurea population in a peatland of southern New Hampshire — Sudman, Marc (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)



Contents of the December 2007 Issue 36:4

  • Some observations on Pinguicula balcanica Casper and P. hirtiflora Ten. (Lentibulariaceae) from Balkans — Peruzzi, Lorenzo (Abstract | PDF)
  • Pinguicula vulgaris L. in the Champagne state of France: life in an alkaline bog — Legendre, Laurent and Thomas Cieslak (Abstract | PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Utricularia alpina 'Pittier Moon' — Wyman, Travis H. and Gert Hoogenstrijd (PDF)
  • A Genlisea myth is confirmed — Rivadavia, Fernando (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the September 2007 Issue 36:3

  • New Cultivars: Dionaea muscipula ‘Bohemian Garnet’, Nepenthes talangensis x maxima ‘Lady Pauline’ — Srba, Miroslav and Robert Cantley (PDF)
  • Book review: The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • 7th Conference of the ICPS in 2008! — Bourke, Greg (PDF)
  • Book review: A field guide to the Nepenthes of Sumatra — Clarke, Charles (PDF)
  • Variations in the content and isozymic composition of nepenthesin in the pitcher fluids among Nepenthes species — Takahashi, Kenji and Masao Tanji and Chiaki Shibata (Abstract | PDF)
  • Flavonoids occurring in the sticky resin on Roridula dentata and Roridula gorgonias (Roridulaceae) — Wollenweber, Eckhard (Abstract | PDF)
  • A case of Nepenthes rafflesiana with a lotus-like flower! — Torres-Rivera, Jorge Joel (PDF)
  • What is the evidence for medicinal value of carnivorous plants? — Chan, Michael M. and Mallory M. Chan and Edward D. Chan (Abstract | PDF)
  • Differentiation of Utricularia ochroleuca and U. stygia populations in Trebon basin, Czech Republic, on the basis of quadrifid glands — Plachno, Bartosz J. and Lubomir Adamec (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug (PDF)



Contents of the June 2007 Issue 36:2

  • Some Background on the CPN Scanning Project — Ziemer, Bob (PDF)
  • 1806, year of birth of the 'cruel' Pinguicula crystallina Sm. (Lentibulariaceae). To the memory of 200 years Florae Graecae Prodromus (1806-1816) and Flora Graeca (1806-1840) — Casper, S. Jost (Abstract | PDF)
  • Utricularia Containment: Trying to Prevent the Great Escape — Cahill, Thomas M. (PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Dionaea muscipula 'Petite Dragon', Sarracenia flava 'Suspicion', Sarracenia alata 'Night' — Ziemer, Robert and Aidan M. Selwyn and Thomas Cahill (PDF)
  • Prey preference in two species of North American bladderworts (Utricularia) suitable for water gardens — Darnowski, Douglas W. and Andrew Koerber and Steven P. Moberley (Abstract | PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Darnowski, Doug and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer and Francis Brearley and Robert Gibson (PDF)



Contents of the March 2007 Issue 36:1

  • Pinguicula chilensis - habitat observations from the Nahuelbuta National Park in Chile — Gluch, Oliver (Abstract | PDF)
  • An interesting observation on the mycorrhizal symbiosis in the insectivorous plant, Drosera peltata Sm., in Meghalaya, north-east India — Venugopal, N. and Ksh. Raseshowri Devi and C. S. Rao (Abstract | PDF)
  • Droseraceae gland and germination patterns revisited: support for recent molecular phylogenetic studies — Conran, John G. and Gunta Jaudzems and Neil D. Hallam (Abstract | PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants with hybrid trapping strategies — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Doug Darnowski and Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the December 2006 Issue 35:4

  • Carnivorous plants in the New Forest — Locke, Steven and Aidan Selwyn (PDF)
  • The time memory of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula Ellis) — Molis, Arne and Gabriel Patten and Manfred Weidner (PDF)
  • Insecticidal characteristics of the desert stingbush (Eucnide urens) — Metzler, Michael (PDF)
  • Additional notes on Eucnide urens (Parry ex Gray) Parry in the Family Loasaceae — Rice, Barry (PDF)



Contents of the September 2006 Issue 35:3

  • New Cultivars — Lechtman, Jay and Ivan Snyder (PDF)
  • The Stunning Red-Flowered Drosera cistiflora in the wild and in cultivation — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Observations of a Two-Headed Flytrap — Skau, Ken (PDF)
  • A Bog at Walden Pond: Serendipitous Botanical History — Rondeau, J. Hawkeye (PDF)
  • Propagating Dionaea by tissue culture using flower stalks — Conner, David (PDF)
  • Aldrovanda vesiculosa and its Cohabitant Algae in culture — Adlassnig, W. and M. Peroutka and W. Pois and I. K. Lichtscheidl (PDF)
  • History of the name Pinguicula hirtiflora Ten. (Lentibulariaceae), or on the uncertainties of Michele Tenore about butterworts — Peruzzi, Lorenzo (PDF)
  • On Growing Mexican Pinguicula — DePuy, Gary (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Barry Rice (PDF)



Contents of the June 2006 Issue 35:2

  • Darlingtonia californica (Sarraceniaceae) and Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae) -- profiles of a refugee and a recluse in British Columbia — Teichreb, Chris (PDF)
  • White-petalled Drosera microphylla Endl. from near Esperance, Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Heliamphora exappendiculata, a clearly distinct species with unique characteristics — Nerz, Joachim and Andreas Wistuba (PDF)
  • Naphthoquinones content of some sundews (Drosera L) — Kovacik, Jozef and Miroslav Repcak (PDF)
  • Plumbagin content in Aldrovanda vesiculosa shoots — Lubomir Adamec, Louis Gastinel, Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Unexpected Hybrids of Spectacular Bladderworts Species — Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • Book and literature reviews — Rivadavia, Fernando and Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the March 2006 Issue 35:1

  • A New Species of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) from Nuevo Leon, Mexico — Lurs, Hans and Stan E. Lampard (PDF)
  • New Cultivars: Drosera capillaris 'Emerald's Envy' — Clemens, William Joseph (PDF)
  • Utricularia jamesoniana in cultivation — Wyman, Travis H. and Sebastian Vieira (PDF)
  • Root anatomy of three carnivorous plant species — Adamec, Lubomir and Pavel Kohout and Karl Benes (PDF)
  • Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes: Nepenthaceae) Pollen Germinability and Storage: Conservation Implications — Cokendolpher, James C. (PDF)
  • Book and literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the December 2005 Issue 34:4

  • Notes on some little known carnivorous plants from Madagascar — Schlosser, Eric (PDF)
  • Roridula, a carnivorous shrub from South Africa — Opel, Matthew R. (PDF)
  • ICPS Grant News: Restoration at a North Carolina Mountain Bog — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Nepenthes clipeata Conservation — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Nepenthes clipeata Survival Project — Cantley, Robert and Charles Clarke and James Cokendolpher and Barry Rice and Andreas Wistuba (PDF)



Contents of the September 2005 Issue 34:3

  • Observations on Cephalotus follicularis and Drosera binata in Western Australia — Mann, Phill (PDF)
  • Comments on a Useful Pesticide — Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Youthwort - Herbal Alchemy — Snyder, Ivan (PDF)
  • Scott Bennett's Carnivorous Plant Prints — Mazur, Carl (PDF)
  • A Veinless Form of Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea Discovered in Ontario, Canada — Mazur, Carl J. and Jay Lechtman (PDF)
  • New Chromosome Numbers for Drosera L. (Droseraceae) — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Growing Utricularia gibba — Pulver, Emilie (PDF)
  • Student Experiment Project: Number of closures of Dionaea muscipula leaves — Chen, Emerson (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the June 2005 Issue 34:2

  • Nepenthes rowanae (Nepenthaceae), a Remarkable Species From Cape York, Australia — Clarke, Charles and Rod Kruger (PDF)
  • The Effect of Copper and Iron Ions on the Growth of the Bladderworts Utricularia gibba and U. macrorhiza — Saha, Sunipa and Douglas W. Darnowski (PDF)
  • Nepenthes argentii on Sibuyan Island — Rybka, Vlastik and Romana Rybkova and Robert Cantley (PDF)
  • Initial Studies on in vitro Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Nepenthes truncata Macf. — Rasco, Eufemio T. Jr and Mary Ann D. Maquilan (PDF)
  • Drosera spatulata var. gympiensis: The Formal Description of the 'Hairy Sepal' Taxon from South-Eastern Queensland — Gibson, Robert and Ivan Snyder (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the March 2005 Issue 34:1

  • Heliamphora sarracenioides, a New Species of Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae) From Venezuela — Carow, Thomas and Andreas Wistuba and Peter Harbarth (PDF)
  • The Behaviour of Drosera rotundifolia L. (Droseraceae) Trapping Leaves in Natural Habitats — Volkova, P.A. and A.B. Shipunov (PDF)
  • Disease Symptoms in Pinguicula: Some Causes and Remedies. — Legendre, Laurent and H. Kibellis (PDF)
  • New Cultivars — Garcia, Brooks and Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)



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