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Issues are listed in reverse order.

Contents of the December 1999 Issue 28:4

  • Drosera anglica Huds. vs. drosera x anglica: What is the difference? — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • The savage garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Drosera meristocaulis — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Neblina expedition — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants hit the big time! — Lyons, Shawn (PDF)
  • Judith Finn on growing Pinguicula laueana — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • The biology and cultivation of red australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • An economical carbon dioxide generator — Camilleri, Tony (PDF)



Contents of the September 1999 Issue 28:3

  • Drosera arcturi in Tasmania and a comparison with Drosera regia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Drosera x corinthiaca (Droseraceae), a newly recognized natural hybrid from the Cape Province,South Africa — Gibson, Robert and Eric Green (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants of the Northwest Territories — Teichreb, Chris (PDF)
  • Pinguicula vulgaris in Iceland — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Fly Fishing — Crump, David (PDF)
  • new cultivar Dionaea 'Red Piranha' — Read, Edward (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 1999 Issue 28:2

  • Testing the appetites of Ibicella and Drosophyllum — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Comments from an icps correspondent: 'Nelipu' of Van Rheede — Janarthanam, M.K. (PDF)
  • On cultivating Ibicella lutea (Martyniaceae) — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Testing for carnivory in Ibicella lutea — Wallace, Jon and Kim McGhee and The rest of Jon's Biology class (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Carnivorous Plants of New South Wales, Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan and Don Schnell (PDF)



Contents of the March 1999 Issue 28:1

  • A carnivorous plant on an Irish postage stamp: David Moore and Sarracenia hybrids at Glasnevin botanic gardens — Nelson, E. Charles (PDF)
  • Cultivation of Triphyophyllum peltatum (Dioncophyllaceae), the part-time carnivorous plant — Bringmann, Gerhard and Jan Schlauer and Kristina Wolf and Heiko Rischer and Uwe Buschbom and Andreas Kreiner and Friedrich Thiele and Martin Duschek and Laurent Ake Assi (PDF)
  • Notes on Nepenthes from Northern Sumatra — Salmon, Bruce and Ricky Maulder (PDF)
  • Turion overwintering of aquatic carnivorous plants — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Nepenthes mollis (Nepenthaceae) -- rediscovered? — Salmon, Bruce (PDF)
  • Observations on Cephalotus in the wild — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the December 1998 Issue 27:4

  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A digression upon James Taplin, Nepenthes hybridizer (Nepenthaceae) — DeFilipps, Robert A. (PDF)
  • Carnivory in Byblis revisited II: the phenomenon of symbiosis on insect trapping plants — Hartmeyer, Siegfried (PDF)
  • Sarracenia flava L. varieties — Schnell, Donald (PDF)
  • Pinguicula emarginata -- a variable and distinctive Mexican species — Wix, Loyd (PDF)
  • Red letter days of a Pennsylvania botanist — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the September 1998 Issue 27:3

  • Rediscovery of an outstanding Nepenthes: N. aristolochioides — Nerz, Joachim (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden: Seasonal carnivores for the bog garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plants near Mt. Lesueur, Western Australia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Anthocyanin — Sullivan, Jack (PDF)
  • A noteworthy Florida find: Drosera filiformis var. tracyi (Droseraceae) — Hummer, John H. (PDF)
  • Observations on a selection of Tasmanian carnivorous plants — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the June 1998 Issue 27:2

  • Savage Garden: highs, lows, and media — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • New cultivars of Sarracenia from North Carolina: Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace' and 'Ladies-in-Waiting' — Mellichamp, Larry and Rob Gardner (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia californica 'Othello' — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Enticing Drosera hamiltonii to flower — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • Growing Carnivorous plants in Italy — Catalano, Marcello (PDF)
  • Some uses and applications of location information — Sacilotto, Rob (PDF)
  • Two carnivorous plant lakes in Washington state — Marshall, Andrew (PDF)
  • The carnivorous flora of Gunung Bandahara — Harwood, Paul and Heiko Rischer and Andreas Wistuba (PDF)



Contents of the March 1998 Issue 27:1

  • The Savage Garden: 'Feeding your plants' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A trip to the Philippines — Mann, Phill (PDF)
  • History of discovery: yellow flowered Sarracenia purpurea L. subsp. venosa (Raf.) wherry var. burkii — Hanrahan, Bob and Jim Miller (PDF)
  • Nepenthes sibuyanensis, a new Nepenthes from Sibuyan, a remote island of the Philippines — Nerz, Joachim and Thomas Alt and Phill Mann and Trend Smith (PDF)
  • Announcing a test and trial phase for the registration of new plant names (1998-1999) — Borgen, L. and W. Greuter and D.L. Hawksworth and D.H. Nicolson and B. Zimmer (PDF)
  • The correct naming of carnivorous plants: ICBN, ICNCP, and the roles of CPN and ICPS — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)



Contents of the December 1997 Issue 26:4

  • In search of Utricularia pobeguinii: a field trip in Guinea, Western Africa — Zevenbergen, Martin J. (PDF)
  • Growing Drosera chrysolepis — Ter-Hovanessian, Arthur and Ivan Snyder (PDF)
  • Reflections and suggestions from 1996 — Graham, Donald L. (PDF)
  • An anthocyanin-free variant of Darlingtonia californica: Newly discovered and already imperilled — Meyers-Rice, Barry (PDF)
  • The 1997 Conference of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Rice, Barry and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the September 1997 Issue 26:3

  • Aldrovanda vesiculosa: Description, Ecology, and Cultivation — Breckpot, Christian (PDF)
  • Aldrovanda from northern Ukraine — Rakov, Viktor (PDF)
  • How to grow Aldrovanda vesiculosa outdoors — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Conservation of endangered Aldrovanda vesiculosa by tissue culture — Kondo, Katsuhiko and Goro Kokubugata and Sindhu Balu Varghese and Miyoko Itoyama and Christian Breckpot and Krystyna Kromer and Ryszard Kaminski (PDF)
  • Fossil Aldrovanda — Degreef, John D. (PDF)
  • Fossil Aldrovanda -- Additions — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Flowering of Aldrovanda vesiculosa in outside culture in the Czech Republic and isozyme variability of its european populations — Adamec, Lubomir and Martin Tichy (PDF)
  • Abstract -- Photosynthetic characteristics of the aquatic carnivorous plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)



Contents of the June 1997 Issue 26:2

  • 'New' data relating to the evolution and phylogeny of some carnivorous plant families — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • Carnivory of Byblis revisited - A simple method for enzyme testing on carnivorous plants — Hartmeyer, Siegfried (PDF)
  • Nepenthes macfarlanei: Prey found in ground pitchers — Schmid-Hollinger, Rudolf (PDF)
  • Genetics of Sarracenia leaf and flower color — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)



Contents of the March 1997 Issue 26:1

  • Another Nice Trip to Sumatra — Clarke, Charles (PDF)
  • Two New Nepenthes Cultivars (Nepenthaceae) — Mann, Phill and Mark Stuart (PDF)
  • The Savage Garden Windowsill Growing — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The Pool of Forgotten Warriors — Finley, Willie (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — Schnell, Don and Jan Schlauer (PDF)



Contents of the December 1996 Issue 25:4

  • The savage garden: The potted terrarium — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Nepenthes lavicola, a new species of Nepenthaceae from the Aceh province in the north of Sumatra — Wistuba, Andreas and Heiko Rischer (PDF)
  • Two interesting Mexicans: Pinguicula acuminata and Pinguicula macrophylla — Wix, Loyd (PDF)
  • How to grow Darlingtonia californica — Fantus, Michael (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Darlingtonia seeds — Lagoteta, Larry (PDF)
  • Followup on tuberous Drosera propagation — Pierson, Bruce (PDF)
  • CLODS, collectors and pseudo-environmentalists — Meyers-Rice, Barry Allen (PDF)
  • The use of tannic teas in carnivorous plant culture — Sacilotto, Rob (PDF)
  • The experimental growth trial for Royal Red VFT — Clarke, Charles (PDF)
  • Cultivating CPs has many surprises — Jellson, Alan S. (PDF)
  • Is the most beautiful Drosera in the world Brazilian? — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1996 Issue 25:3

  • The savage garden: Mini-bogs — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A dichotomous key to the genus Drosera L. (Droseraceae) — Schlauer, Jan (PDF)
  • The saga of Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red' — Clayton, Colin H. (PDF)
  • An addition to Adrian Slack's comment on Nepenthes burbidgeae (Improbable) cuttings — Marthaler, Olivier (PDF)
  • Drosera — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the June 1996 Issue 25:2

  • The savage garden: Cape sundews — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The hooded pitcher plant, Sarracenia minor Walt., at its southern limit — Sheridan, Phil (PDF)
  • Nepenthes of Gunung Murud — De Witte, John (PDF)
  • Utricularia neottioides — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • A new cultivar of Dionaea muscipula Ellis — Gagliardo, Ron (PDF)
  • Drosera graminifolia — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the March 1996 Issue 25:1

  • The savage garden: Swelling the brains of children — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • Growth of carnivorous plants on an acidified fen soil — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Thoughts, reflections, and upper Nepenthes ampullaria pitcher — Wong, David (PDF)
  • Several ecophysiological observations in Genlisea — Studnicka, Miloslav (PDF)
  • Noteworthy Sarracenia collections II — Sheridan, Phil and Bill Scholl (PDF)
  • Rediscovery of a very 'rare' Utricularia in Brazil — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Drosera sessilifolia — Rivadavia, Fernando (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the December 1995 Issue 24:4

  • The savage garden: 'How to torture a carnivorous plant' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A visit to Kinabalu Park — Malouf, Perry (PDF)
  • Tips I have found useful in growing Sarracenia plants — Cumbee, Joe (PDF)
  • Rooting Nepenthes in water — Mazrimas, Joe (PDF)
  • Letters from the Czech Republic, Part IV: — Zacek, Zdenek (PDF)
  • The embrace of the sundew — Finley, Willie (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the September 1995 Issue 24:3

  • The savage garden: 'It came from Holyweird' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • A visit to Kinabalu Park — Malouf, Perry (PDF)
  • Focussing on international CP conservation and research: The carnivorous plant specialist group — Groves, Madeleine and Rosemary Simpson (PDF)
  • Drosera praefolia — Gibson, Robert (PDF)
  • Observations on the Nepenthes species of Irian Jaya, Part I: Nepenthes insignis Danser — Rischer, Heiko (PDF)
  • Two new species of Nepenthes from north Sumatra, Indonesia — Salmon, Bruce R. and Ricky G. Maulder (PDF)
  • A guide to ESA and CITES — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)
  • Utricularia asplundii and Utricularia endresii — Belanger, Christoph A. (PDF)



Contents of the June 1995 Issue 24:2

  • The savage garden: 'Imprinted' — D'Amato, Peter (PDF)
  • The truth about carnivorous plants is hard to find — Hanley, Thomas W. (PDF)
  • Heliamphora: The nature of its nurture — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Oxygen budget in the traps of Utricularia australis — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Sarracenia flava varieties: Do we know what we are talking about? — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Photosynthetic inorganic carbon use by aquatic carnivorous plants — Adamec, Lubomir (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



Contents of the March 1995 Issue 24:1

  • My experiences growing Byblis gigantea from seed — Cochran, Brian (PDF)
  • Growing CP in the Czech Republic III: Pinguicula rotundifolia — Zacek, Zdenek (PDF)
  • Drosera filiformis Raf.: One species or two? — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • Pollination of Heliamphoras — Schnell, Don (PDF)
  • A Venus Flytrap Flipbook — Szesze, Michael (PDF)
  • Literature review (PDF)



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